Fourteenth permanent retirement!  The new payment date “fourteen” will surprise the elderly! [TABELA]

The fourteenth annuity is an additional benefit in the amount of the minimum old-age pension that is paid at the turn of August and September. This year, due to the high index (14.8%), the minimum benefit is a total of PLN 1,588. In the case of persons whose allowance is more than PLN 2.9 thousand, the PLN “fourteen” will be reduced according to the principle of one zloty for one. Everything indicates that 14. The annuity will not be exempt from tax. We know that. What are the changes that the Ministry of Family and Social Policy is preparing?

14. Retire. The date of payment will remain a mystery

As a fact has been established, Marlena Mallig, Head of the Family Department, announced that margins would be inclusive Surprising record regarding timing of payments.

– It is the Minister of Social Security who determines the date of payment of the fourteenth benefit in the regulation each year – Malog reported. – This type of record will allow you to pay benefits at the most appropriate time. Because we remind you that the fourteenth pension goes to the people with the lowest benefits – added Minister Mallog.

According to the newspaper, this means that there will not be one Fixed date to pay fourteen I got into the law and it is the minister who decides when the money will flow to the senior citizens.

Then the magazine cites an expert who believes that pensioners who finance larger expenses, such as buying a refrigerator or rehabilitation, will now not know when they will get the money – says Dr. Tomas Lasocki, an expert from the Faculty of Law and Management of the University of Warsaw, in the magazine. In his opinion, this would make the payment of four-tenths dependent on a political decision.


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