Millions loved her because of her leprosy.  What does Stefania look like in the movie today?

The film “Leper” is one of the cult Polish productions, which continues to delight fans, which is why it appears regularly on television. And it was created in 1976! The misconduct of a beautiful nanny with a handsome and rich aristocrat still moves viewers and brings to tears. Perhaps because Stefania Rudica, the Polish Cinderella, did not get a happy ending and finally died tragically. It should be noted that this is a quote from the famous book of the same title, Written by acclaimed writer Helena Mnescona.

Kinga Rosin dazzled in a fiercely cut outfit with a navel neckline

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The role of “The Leper” brought Elżbieta Starostecka, who played it, great popularity. To everyone’s surprise, she consciously quits it and acting. why?

Iconic roles in featured productions. She was destined for a great career

The talent and ethereal talent are quickly appreciated by the film industry beauty Elbita Starostica. Many people thought he would make a great career. In addition to “Leper”, she has also played in other important productions: “Lalka”, “Rzeczpospolita babska” and “Noce i dnie”. In her private life, she was definitely more fortunate than her heroine. Her husband is the well-known composer Włodzimierz Korcz.

Romantic love comedy. Happiness is at home

They met Włodzimierz during their studies and soon came to the conclusion that they wanted to be together forever. They got married in age 23 years old, penniless, and ¶wedding They took a crowded train. They have been together for over 50 years! And as they admit in interviews: they can’t imagine life without each other, and they never spend their holidays apart. They have two children, and that was one of the reasons they gave up acting. Elizabeth wanted to take care of her children And the HomepageBecause it made her happier. No fame and popularity.

Best quiet life on fame. I don’t want to stir up interest. I never wanted to be a star because it’s not for me. I don’t want it to be too much of me, and TV repeats Libre and Nights and Days all the time anyway. However, I am flattered that people are interested in me, it’s very nice, – she said in Fact.

The actress is 78 years old and It still looks amazing. In 2014, after many years, she appeared in the series “Doctors”, but she does not intend to return to acting permanently.

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