Fans want The Amazing Spider-Man back
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December 24, 2021, 2:50 pm

author: Patrick £ukasz Kubiak

The plans to create the third episode of The Amazing Spider-Man have long been known. Now, however, the discussion has flared up again. We check why.

Attention! spoiler!

Unless you’ve gone to the movies for a new one spediaAnd you don’t want to know too much about the cast and story of a John Watts movie before the show, give it to yourself?? So far ?? Read this text.

It premiered a few days ago Spider-Man: There is no escape from home. Before that, it was an open secret that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside Tom Holland. in a There is no place for home So we saw on screen all the last three actors of the role of Spider-Man together.

In the opinion of many viewers, Andrew Garfield was the brightest point of the trio. The starring of his characters (generated, of course, from the script and not the attitude of the actor himself), humorous scripts and chemistry with other cast members contributed to a very positive reception of the creation. All this made the masses demand an uprising?? the new The Amazing Spider-Man. Netizens write on Twitter [pisownia oryginalna, z wy³¹czeniem t³umaczeñ]:

I hope so in any way? We’ll see the epilogue or the post-credits scenes in #SpiderManNowWayHome for at least a few seconds as Garfield and Toby’s Spider-Many do in their universes. Still not satisfied with their stories?? Especially the ones with #TheAmazingSpiderMan.

?? Tweet embed

Give me The Amazing Spider-Man 3!

?? @The_Milatto

Finally, Andrew Garfield got the respect he deserves! That’s all I wanted.

?? Tweet embed

My son, Andrew, gets all the respect he deserves!

?? @TASM3FanFilm

It’s funny seeing so many Andrew haters who now want a new movie with him.

?? Official Bratay

Dear Sony/Marvel Studios, Please do so! Andrew will be the right choice to fill in the poison verse [uniwersum Venoma – dop. red.].

?? Tweet embed

From what ?? It is known that the creators of the aforementioned painting and its continuation had ideas to close the trilogy. After the credits for the last production, an additional scene was found, which was eventually removed, in which the audience discovered that Oscorp had a frozen head for Osborne. Next was the presentation of Peter’s deceased father, Richard Parker. As the series’ screenwriter, Dennis Leary, in Interview with IGN:

Part of the discussion was the implementation in the third part of the situation in which Spider-Man finds a formula that will allow him to bring his loved ones back to life. So we talked about the fact that she’s coming back, among other things Gwen and Captain Stacey.

Well, don’t really count on the return of the MCU rulers to The Amazing Spider-ManBut maybe lovers’ voices spedia Some of your ideas will end up in other movies.

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