Microsoft is teaming up with a company that makes cloud games for Switch.  The company presents Call of Duty

Microsoft yesterday confirmed the contract signing with Boosteroid and told the company that this isn’t the end of similar moves. Now we have received confirmation of the following agreement – the Xbox manufacturer wants to put Call of Duty on Ubitus.

Microsoft has already officially signed the fourth contract, which is intended to confirm American strategies to officials from other regions – the company does not want to ban Call of Duty, and intends to present the game to the widest possible audience.

After Nintendo, Nvidia, and Boosteroid, it’s Ubitus time. It is a Taiwanese cloud gaming provider that uses its technology and tools to deliver big productions for Nintendo Switch. Thanks to this company’s solutions, gamers have been able to play Control, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Resident Evil 7 on a Nintendo hybrid.

This is a very important step that shows that Microsoft does not intend to offer Call of Duty and other Activision Blizzard games exclusively through its infrastructure, but wants to share positions. So that every player can enjoy the game.

“Microsoft i [email protected]The leading cloud gaming provider has signed a 10-year partnership to stream Xbox PC games and Activision Blizzard titles following the closing of the acquisition. Our goal is to give more players more options.”

The situation should certainly be noted by regulators who claim that Microsoft will block access to Call of Duty and intend to offer items only on its platforms (Xboxes and PC) and in the cloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming). However, as you can see, the case is completely different.

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