Swiatek’s behavior affected him.  He said what Ukrainians feel

PAP / PAP / Marcin Cholewiński / Twitter / From left: Iga Świątek, Oleksandr Dołgopolov

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Iga Świątek recently intervened in the WTA following the controversial behavior of Russia’s Anastasia Potapova. The Polish woman was once again appreciated by Oleksandr Dogopolov, a former Ukrainian tennis player. The 34-year-old also made an important point.

Let’s remember that before meeting with Jessica Pegula as part of the third round of Indian Wells, Anastasia Potapova went out onto the field in a Spartak Moscow jersey. This is the most successful Russian team in history. There has been a lot of talk about player behaviour.

The Russian made fun of everyone, including the WTA, which allows players from aggressor countries to play under a neutral flag after the Russian and Belarusian invasion of Ukraine. Potapova acted provocatively and may have wanted publicity.

Fortunately, there are people like Iga Świątek on the professional tour. The Polish woman often spoke about the war and aid to Ukraine. And the 21-year-old recalled the situation in this country even after the victory in Doha. Then Oleksandr Dolgopolov turned to her.

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“Congratulations Iga Świątek. One day you will understand that you have opposed the evil of our time and you will be proud of it no less than your tennis results. We hear your voice and make sure that Russia will not come close to Poland’s borders from it,” he wrote on Twitter.

Świątek was also not indifferent to Potapowa’s behaviour. I got involved with the WTA.

“I was surprised, because I thought she knew that she should not show her views at such times. Even if she is a fan of this team, – said our tennis player at one of the press conferences.

She added, “The federation will explain to other players that you cannot promote any Russian team these days, which calmed me down a bit.”

Nor did this behavior go unnoticed in Ukraine. Dolgopolov spoke again on Twitter. It was surprising, he noted, that Šuetek supports Ukraine to such an extent, despite many daily duties.

Undoubtedly, Iga Šwietek understands all the nonsense that is going on around her and shows empathy and is a great example to others. Given that she is so busy at the moment and has world number one status, that means she has a giant heart (Dolgopołow emoji inserted here – editor’s note Ukrainians feel this support and thank you, ”- the Ukrainian wrote on Twitter.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Polish woman has appeared on the field with a ribbon in the color of the flag of that country, which is attached to her hat. At the same time, he impresses everyone with his game. He is now in the quarter-finals of Indian Wells. Sorana will face Cristia.

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