January 27, 2023


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Mike Ward can't believe how the Ontario Performance Theater cut his career short

Mike Ward can’t believe how the Ontario Performance Theater cut his career short

Mike Ward is undoubtedly one of Quebec’s most popular comedians. Like, easy top 3.

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If someone asks the 48-year-old to summarize his life, the person is likely to talk about it Listening below, one of the most listened to podcasts in Canada. Or even one of his one-man shows, which had the man traveling the world in all black.

If this person is feeling nostalgic, they can refer to one of the many shows that air on Music+.

But on the official website Kapuskasing Regional Cultural Recreation Centre In Ontario, there will be a Ward event on October 7th, none of these achievements mentioned above.

“He is the author of the number An ode to the common woman To comedian Patrick Hardt. In 1996, he collaborated with Peter MacLeod on writing his first solo show: The World According to MacLeod and written Big mouths on CKMF-FM 94.3. In 1999 and 2000, he also participated in writing the texts of Comic Mex.


Obviously, this strange ancient selection of credits caused major interest parties to react.

“Hahaha, the autobiography they wrote for my show at Kapuskasing. WTF?”

Really, WTF?

It looks like it was written by someone who woke up from a long sleep in the year 2000.

All these credits are pre-existing Testosterone.


Also in a bag of crisps: