Haryana Grande, Kid Harrington, Mila Kunis ... Summer of Stars

The last (most) normal stars exit set.

Some have professional duties, others relax with family … This weekend in August 2021, many celebrities were spotted again by the paparazzi, revealing their activities. In Los Angeles, Bride Ariana Grande At a friend’s house on Friday, he took the donuts under a handbag. On the same day and in the same city, Mel Gibson or Michael B. Jordan is always available with his fans to sign a video of him leaving a restaurant.

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In New York, Kid Harrington and his wife, Rose Leslie, traveled separately. Not far from there, “Avatar” actor Sam Worthington wandered into the family with his wife Laura and their three boys – born in 2015, 2016 and 2020. Finally, Mila Kunis in Toronto was busy shooting for her next film. Giant Netflix, “Lucky Girl Alive”. A thriller adapted from Jessica Nall’s titled book, scheduled for release in 2022.

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