Can pirates succeed?  Skull and Bones showcases its merits in the first trailer

After years of announcements, numerous delays, a change in vision and a complete focus on online play, Ubisoft's pirate adventure has finally hit the market. An open beta of the game will be released this week, and the publisher is promoting the game and publishing new material.

Skull and Bones will premiere on February 16, but we can actually watch the premiere today. This action is not accidental, because, as we know, the developers decided to play open cards and planned an open beta for the game from February 8 to 11.

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Tests can be considered a type of “early access” – Ubisoft will allow players to easily transfer their progress from the demo version to the full version of the game. So, on release day, you won't start the game from the beginning, but rather the next stage of your pirate adventure.

The Skull and Bones trailer shows what we can already expect from Ubisoft's entry – players will be able to access ships, participate in numerous clashes with bandits and conquer subsequent locations.

Ubisoft has also prepared a second piece of material focusing on gameplay and production assumptions – Neven Dravinsky stresses at the beginning of the film that the developers aim to create “the best naval combat game in history”. The team has been working with the community for a long time, listening to all the feedback to improve more elements of the item.

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