Peter Szijjarto criticized President Zelensky’s statement

Relations between Budapest and Kiev have been tense for several months. The reason is the position of the Viktor Orban government on the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

During the press conference on Saturday, Volodymyr Zelensky referred to the attitude of the Hungarian government towards Ukraine and Russia. – It seems to me that in Hungary there is a political entanglement of political elites. It is a very strange situation for a NATO country to be with Russia and against the Alliance. “I consider this behavior inappropriate, but I express my personal opinion,” Zelensky said. He emphasized that “ally” is not just a word, but also an action. – It is a union of countries that share the same opinion about security. (…]If all allies say that we are enemies of Russia, said the Ukrainian president, then not a single country can suddenly say that it is an ally of Russia.

Szijjártó: Our nation has paid a heavy price for this war

The head of the Hungarian diplomacy responded to Zelensky’s words via Facebook.

“According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Hungary’s behavior as a member of NATO is inappropriate. Well: firstly, fortunately, he did not decide. Secondly, the Hungarian people have already paid a heavy price for this war. Thirdly, many Hungarians – members of the Hungarian Transcarpathian community – died Already in this war,” Peter Zegarato wrote on his Facebook account on Sunday.

The politician said sarcastically that if the words of the Ukrainian president meant “I sincerely thank the Hungarians for accepting and caring for more than a million refugees from Ukraine, and I respectfully thank them for constantly sending help!” He can answer “You’re welcome and you can count on us in the future.”

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