Mechs are no longer a fantasy of games.  Archax is real and promises great achievement

The giant Archax robot looks unreal, but it actually exists and is even available for purchase

In a time of rapid technological development, Japanese company Tsubame Industries has just gained global recognition by combining the magic of anime, gaming, and Japanese culture with modern robotics. All because she created Archax – a huge, controllable robot that impresses not only with its appearance. In fact, Archax is not just another robot, it is an engineering marvel that stands 4.5 meters high, weighs 3.5 tons and has the ability to move its head, waist, arms, elbows, wrists, fingers and legs, bringing science fiction to life.

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However, in the case of the Archax robot, it’s not just about dexterity and mobility. This robot can seamlessly switch between car mode, where it moves at speeds of up to 10 km/h, and robot mode, where it can manipulate objects using its fingers. This duality of functions demonstrates both the transport and actuation capabilities of the robot, the control of which is very challenging, especially at the “internal” level, when the robot becomes a real exoskeleton.

The user can not only control this robot remotely, but can also enter its cockpit in the box, which provides a view of the entire surroundings thanks to four screens and nine external cameras. These displays are not only used for navigation, but also provide basic information about the robot’s current position. Of course, this is not a toy, which is why Tsubame Industries has invested in safety by equipping the Archax robot with an emergency stop button, an auto-stop function and an emergency escape hatch. Meanwhile, the robot has undergone rigorous testing by various organizations that set safety standards.

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Archax’s capabilities will be on display at the Mobility Expo in Japan, which runs from October 26 to November 5. However, besides being a symbol of national pride and a nod to Japanese popular culture, this robot was created with a more realistic vision in the mind of its main creator, Ryo Yoshida.

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While Archax currently mainly appeals to wealthy robotics enthusiasts who can spend $2.7 million to purchase such a robot, it is expected to evolve into more practical and affordable forms in the future. The creators believe that within a few years these machines may play a major role in disaster relief, pioneer spaceflight or operate heavy equipment in various industries. That’s why the name Archaxus is inspired by Archeopteryx, a prehistoric winged dinosaur that bridged the evolutionary gap between reptiles and birds. Just as Archeopteryx represents a transitional stage of evolution, Archaeopteryx may symbolize a transitional moment in the world of robotics.

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