McDonald's has stopped operating in Russia, but not completely.  Franchise outlets are working at their best

On March 8, McDonald’s announced that it would suspend its operations in Russia, joining the group of companies that had already decided to take this step in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Our values ​​mean it We cannot ignore the unnecessary human suffering taking place in Ukraine.” McDonald’s President Chris Kempkinski wrote in a letter to employees. The chain includes 850 restaurants in Russia and employs 62,000 people there. People. Despite the suspension of operations, it announced that it would continue to pay their salaries.

McDonald’s franchisees are doing their best

The media, which calculates the turnover of McDonald’s in Russia, reported that The company owns 84 percent. Russian restaurants. Others are operated as franchisees.

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Now you can see the effect. According to Business Insider, citing the Russian agency Ria Novosti, franchisees have not closed their branches, because they were allowed to do so under contractual provisions. Thus, there are still about a hundred restaurants in Russia where you can eat a Big Mac without any problems. McDonald’s confirmed to the agency that some of its buildings in Russia are operating. This includes restaurants in stations or airports.

Not only does McDonald’s have a problem

Burger King faces a similar problem with regard to its impact on operating buildings in Russia. The trademark owner Restaurant Brands International could not close the business directly Due to a complex legal contract with the main franchise partnerAlexander Kubo, with whom he has been running a joint venture in Russia for a decade, The Guardian reports.

There are approximately 800 Burger King places in Russia.

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