Boris Becker is having a hard time in prison.  'Unfortunate circumstances' tennis

Legendary tennis player and former leader of the ATP rankings Boris Becker They ended up behind bars for financial fraud. The German got into trouble with several debts and after successive payment orders, he hid his money. from For this reason, the London court did not treat him lightly and sentenced him to 2.5 years in prison.

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According to the newspaper, “The Sun” daily, Baker is currently imprisoned and is very complaining about the conditions there. – He’s having a hard time, and worst of all is the food. He can’t believe it’s so bad, and at the same time the portions are so small – he writes Einglish Magazine citing its source.

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Boris Becker complains about prison conditions. “It can be cold in the cells and almost no daylight.”

The German was also supposed to be shocked by the lack of hygiene and the overcrowding of the prison in which he is staying: – the conditions in which he is staying are pathetic, almost inhumane. It can be cold in the cells and there is hardly any daylight. He’ll have to get used to it, but he seems to be treated pretty well by the guards – adds the “Sun” source.

He also wrote about the poor conditions in which Baker lives “daily Mail“According to reports newspapers baker He is imprisoned at Wandsworth Prison (in a borough of London), which was built in a 170-year-old Victorian building “crammed with prisoners and rats”. The prison is located near the courts in which it is held Wimbledon. English journalists add that it is one of the most brutal prisons in the country, containing only six bathrooms for 86 cells. Baker is expected to spend about 15 days there and will likely be transferred to a lower security prison after that.

Such a harsh sentence was a great surprise to the ex-tennis player’s entourage. Lily Baker, the wife of Baker’s inmate, though she was no longer in contact with him, admitted that she expected a lighter sentence for the 54-year-old: – The worst part was passing this information on to her 12-year-old son. He just couldn’t get it. still Can’t – Baker complained in the media.

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Baker heard the verdict on April 29. He’s been hiding his assets since 2017, when he declared bankruptcy. The German was not able to repay any more loans, and the number of lawsuits from the 54-year-old lenders was gradually increasing. The former player cannot appeal the ruling at this time.

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