Matura 2022: memy o przeciekach z Podlasia

Author: kwejk
This is how netizens make fun of Podlasie’s high school leaks

Information about leaks appears before all final tests. Although most of it is incorrect, in previous years the attorney general’s office has dealt with the issue of high school leaks. Netizens soon found out that the source of the leaks was in Podlasie, and stories about the leaks from Podlasie began to live their lives on social media, including on Twitter. As is the case every year, also before the 2022 high school diploma, Twitter is inundated with requests from netizens about leaks from Podlasie. The internet is full of memes and jokes about it. The sense of humor of some Internet users is undeniable. You must see it!

before Matura 2022 leaks from Podlasie It is a good topic for jokes on the web. Netizens who poorly evaluate their chances of success Matura Exam 2022They rely on leaks. We caution against believing information about leaks and secret access to CKE papers and matura exam assignments – this information is often an attempt to defraud and extort money. Internet users warn each other about suspicious accounts that give access to the leaks. However, it cannot be denied that during the previous examinations there were several cases of leakage, which drew the attention of the Public Prosecution Office. We wrote about it in the article: Leaks in math exams. “A card with the answers was flying on Twitter.” Will Matura be repeated in 2021?!. Can you also count the leaks from Podlasie before the 2022 High School Diploma?

Matura 2022. Leaks from Podlasie on Twitter

Many high school graduates certainly hope so. Some are posting half banter, half serious on Twitter entries targeting Podlasie people, asking for leaks. They collect supplications and prayers. The internet is full of funny posts and memes about it. Admittedly, some jokes with School Leaks They are really fun. – Budlasi, we are counting on you The closer the 2022 exam date gets, the more Twitter entries and memes related to it will be on the web. – I’m looking for someone from Budlasi who would like to make friends, report the leaks on #matura2022 One Twitter user writes. – The time of year comes when Podlasie is part of Poland #matura2022 – Adds another user. Companions entries with funny pictures, memes and gifs.

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Leaks from Podlasie – MEMES and PHOTOS

More funny internet jokes about Leaks from the 2022 Podlasie and Matura test You will find in our gallery – click on the image below

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