A breakthrough in the fight against cancer.  CAR-T cells are even better

T lymphocytes They are part of the immune system, and their job is to recognize and destroy infected cells in the body. CAR-T . cells In turn, these are T lymphocytes that are designed to recognize and destroy cancer cells. Already used in Lymphoma treatmentClinical trials are underway to determine effectiveness against other forms of cancer.

The main disadvantage of CAR-T cell therapy is that It’s too expensive A single dose can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Because of the cost, not many people can benefit from this method of treatment. One reason for the high cost is that the manufacturing process is complex and time consuming and has to be customized for each cancer patient individually. We wanted to meet the challenges of CAR-T treatment in terms of production time and cost. Professor A. said: Preeta Agarwala of NC State and University of North Carolina Department of Biomedical Engineering.

To meet these challenges, scientists have developed technology Multifunctional alginate scaffolding for T cell engineering and release (MSc).

To understand MASTER technology, you have to know CAR-T . cell production mechanisms. Doctors first isolate T cells from patients and transfer them to a sterile room. Over the course of several days, the T cells are “activated” with the antibodies, preparing them for reprogramming. When the T cells are already activated, they are inserted into them (using viruses) GEN CAR. Then agents are added to it that stimulate CAR-T cells to multiply (proliferate), which leads to an increase in their number. After these manipulations are completed – which can take several weeks – the cells are introduced into the patient’s bloodstream.

Our MASTER technology takes over the tedious and time-consuming activation, reprogramming and expansion and implements it in-patient. Thanks to this, a process that takes several weeks turns into a one-day procedure – said the professor. Agarwala.

MASTER is a biocompatible, squishy material with a look and feel reminiscent of mini marshmallow. To start the treatment, the scientists isolate T cells from the patient and mix these inactive cells with the engineering virus. Then they pour the mixture on the master, which absorbs it. This one contains antibodies T-lymphocyte stimulationSo the cell activation process begins immediately. During this time, the MASTER device is implanted into the patient – at the research stage it was a mouse.

After the introduction of MASTER into the body, T-cell activation continues. These begin in response to modified viruses that reprogram them into CAR-T cells.

The wide pores and spongy nature of MASTER bring the virus and cells closer together, facilitating the genetic reprogramming of cells – said the professor. Agarwala.

MASTER . ALSO SUNSIDED Compounds called interleukinsthat promote cell proliferation. After transplantation, these interleukins begin to degrade, which promotes the rapid proliferation of CAR-T cells.

The researchers worked with mice that had suffered from lymphoma. One group was treated with CAR-T cells engineered and delivered with MASTER, and the other group was treated with conventionally produced CAR-T cells administered intravenously. These two groups were compared with the control group receiving unaltered T cells.

As the cells are transplanted within hours of isolation, thanks to minimal manipulation, They are healthier and have fewer markers associated with the poor antitumor efficacy of CAR-T cells.. MASTER technology produces less differentiated cells, which translates to better body durability and greater cancer-fighting power.

“As a result, mice given CAR-T cells with MASTER were significantly better at fighting cancer than mice given conventional CAR-T cells,” the professor said. Agarwala.

While it is impossible to estimate the cost of MASTER therapy if it is finally approved for clinical use, Possibly much cheaper than current CAR-T treatment options.

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