Matura 2022: Chemistry Extended.  Some have already left the halls!  why? [Relacja na żywo]

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Matura 2022: Chemistry at an advanced level. Most important for this year’s Matura exam in advanced chemistry. On Monday (May 16, 2022), students will take an Extended Chemistry Exam. It starts at 9:00 am. On the portal, we will present chemistry papers at the advanced level, and also analyze your comments, possible leaks, questions and assignments. Live coverage of HSC 2022 in Chemistry in the article below.

Matura 2022 in Chemistry at an advanced level It’s a huge challenge for enthusiastic high school graduates. Monday (May 16, 2022) starts at 9:00 AM and lasts 180 minutes (3 hours). The Central Examinations Commission has announced that about 25,441 high school graduates will join the Expanded Chemistry this year. What is a high school diploma in chemistry? We’ll post a gallery of papers below, but we’ll have to wait for CKE to make them available. Before that, see what high school graduates faced in chemistry last year. Click on the image to go to the gallery.

In this material, we will report to you High School Diploma in ChemistryWhich is scheduled to take place on May 16. Leaks, comments, assignments, questions, papers – all in one series. What are the requirements for advanced chemistry? We are also waiting for your signals – we collect them on a regular basis and we will discuss them below. Live coverage of the matura exam in Chemistry Extended on May 16, 2022 on

10:14 First comments after graduation in chemistry

The matura exam in chemistry covers about 35-40 tasks, which high school graduates have 180 minutes (3 hours) to solve. However, about an hour later, the first comments about the 2022 chemistry exam appeared. What do high school graduates say? research.

10:00 How many high school graduates have chosen a high school diploma in chemistry?

According to CKE, just over 34,000 people (including 24,500 alumni this year) have passed the 2022 exam in chemistry at the advanced level.

9:40 The advanced chemistry exam is in progress!

Advanced level chemistry exam is underway! High school graduates have 180 minutes to write it!

9:20 CKE Chemistry Papers

Leaves We will publish the CEC with the exam matura in Chemistry at the advanced level as soon as it becomes available by CKE.

9:00 It’s time to start!

The Advanced Chemistry Exam 2022 has begun! We are keeping our fingers crossed for all the candidates!

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8:40 What will be in chemistry in 2022?

Examiners wonder what the high school exam in Extended Chemistry will be like. The first assumptions appear on the web. Read more: What will be in chemistry in 2022? There are specific passwords! “equilibrium constant, hydrate solubility”

8:30 Students slowly enter the classroom!

There are only 30 minutes left until the start of the matura exam in chemistry. What is the mood of the students? Most of them are very nervous!

8:15 What are the results?

Strictly in the Matura exam in chemistry will start at 9:00. The results of all matura examinations will be exactly on July 5, 2022. In return, students who have passed the high school leaving examination in the recovery period will receive the results – on September 9, 2022.

8:00 left at 8:00

There are only 60 minutes left until the matura exam in chemistry.

7:50 Look for leaks.

High school graduates nervously search for leaks before they get their high school diploma in chemistry. However, they should be approached with extreme caution, because they have nothing to do with reality. For several days now, I have been commenting on Twitter about the High School Diploma in Chemistry. – I know some people have a thing – user Anya wrote. What else do high school graduates write about leaks? research.

7:30 What is the mood before getting a GCSE in Chemistry?

High school graduates are not in the best mood before the Matura exam in chemistry. This is evidenced by comments of this kind.

7:10 Chemistry on schedule at 9:00

In less than two hours, the 2022 Matura Exam in Chemistry will begin.

6:35 Chemistry papers. Matura 2022

Where do you find graduation papers in chemistry? In this article We’ve been giving you exams from a year ago, and in the afternoon we’ll add 2022 worksheets.

16.05.2022, 6:10 high school graduates will face chemistry

Less than three hours left until the advanced chemistry exam. Recent student discussions are ongoing online. What will be on the exam? Such questions usually heat up high school graduates.

22:20 Less than 11 hours until the Matura exam in Chemistry at the advanced level

We remind you – the start of this year’s high school chemistry exam at the expanded level on May 16 at 9:00. Students will have 180 minutes to solve problems. Approximately. At 2:00 PM we will publish the CKE papers. On the same day, those ready to face Italian extended.

21:35 Matura 2022. CKE disarms students with humor

Matura exams are a period of great pressure for the candidates, but also for the representatives of the Central Examinations Committee. Meanwhile, the leader of the CKE profile in social media is relaxing the atmosphere, including on Twitter…

20:50 What will be the Matura chemistry exam?

There are just over 12 hours left for the advanced chemistry exam to begin. On Twitter, high school graduates share valuable advice. What are the requirements? We recommend that you read the detailed points that you will find among others at

19:50 Matura Chemistry Exam – Advanced Level Papers

The Matura exam in Chemistry Advanced begins at 9:00. In a few hours, we will publish the CKE matura 2022 paper in Chemistry. materials intended for it, What is a high school diploma in chemistry you can find here.

19:20 Are there leaks from extended chemistry?

– Anyone have any chemical leaks? I would be very grateful – there are a lot of similar entries on Twitter. High school graduates are looking for what will be Monday (May 16, 2022) in their High School Diploma in Advanced Chemistry. We warn of scammers who offer “certainty” to chemicals. We should see official assignments only after the exam is over.

18:20 Matura 2022 in Chemistry at an advanced level. What will be on the exam?

What would a high school diploma in chemistry be? What tasks? We haven’t prejudged this just yet, but it’s worth reviewing what’s back in 2021. The spreadsheet authors probably ask similar questions.

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17:20 Matura 2022 with advanced chemistry. What can I bring for the exam?

The test takes just over 15 hours. What can help students with a high school diploma in chemistry? You can definitely benefit from:

  • Selected equations cards and physical-chemical constants for the Bagrut exam in Biology, Chemistry and Physics,
  • simple calculator
  • referees

17:00 We begin live coverage of the 2022 GCSE Chemistry at the advanced level!

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