Masters of Deception: Robert Hindi Frigard on Netflix

  • Over the course of a decade, Robert Indian Frigard seduced seven women. Men were also his victims. In total, he defrauded nine people with a sum of £1 million
  • He was arrested in 2002. His trial began three years later and Indian-Frigaard was charged with 21 counts, including kidnapping, theft and deception.
  • After several months of trial, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, but in 2007 the sentence was commuted after winning an appeal
  • After his release from prison, he took on a new identity, and also became engaged to another woman, Sandra Clifton. Her family says they have not contacted her since
  • The three-episode Netflix series “Masters of Hoax: Stories of Famous Crooks” will premiere on Netflix on January 18, 2022.
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When Robert Indian Frigard was arrested, the media dubbed him “the puppet master”. The young Briton, who at the time was working two other jobs, had a real talent for manipulating people. His victims were students, school administrators, psychologists and their families.

Robert Indian Frigard led the life of James Bond by deceiving others

In the early 90s, Robert Hendy Frigard lived in the English city of Newport, working in a pub called “Swan”. It was there that he met his first victims, three students – John Atkinson, Sarah Smith and Maria Hendy From neighboring Edmund who He said he was a MI5 agentIRA cell work in their school.

It was no ordinary make-up story on beer. Thanks to his interview work story, Hendy-Fregaard successfully manipulated young men in the following years. They ran off with him when he said they had to hide from the IRA’s retaliation, and they returned all the money they had earned and the money they had received from their relatives. In order to maintain a mezzanine about being a special agent, the con artist convinced Atkinson that, after undergoing proper “training”, he would also join the service. The family paid 300 thousand. pounds, but the “training” in which Hendy-Fregaard was able to beat Atkinson and pull his knees.

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Robert Frigard

John Atkinson was the first of many applicants to have Indian-Frigaard trained for a pseudo job at MI5. Over the next ten years, the fraudster found more people to rig, assuming the identity of an MI5 spy, a special branch officer of the London Special Police, or Scotland Yard. In addition, he seduced women and offered them to marry, and Maria Hindi gave birth to two children.

He intimidated and blackmailed everyone, often saying that by calling their relatives, they exposed him to trouble, danger, and death. He said the car was bugged, that we were threatening the operation, and that he’d have problems with his superiors Years later, Sarah Smith called in an interview with journalists in the British newspaper “The Times”.

Photo: Matthew Fern/Getty Images

John Atkinson w 2004 p.

everyone They gave him money back: payments, gifts and inheritance (up to hundreds of thousands of pounds) and loan money, if he could As assured them Brib killers sent to him by the IRA or… Polish mafiaWho are also waiting for his life, property and “guardians”.

In total, he defrauded his victims for around £1 million. In fact For this money he lived his life James BondTravel the world with lovers and buy sports cars, exclusive watches and stylish suits.

He was supposed to live in prison, but he was released

Although Hendy-Fregaard always seemed one step ahead of the services looking for him, he was eventually arrested. In 2002, he was arrested at London Heathrow Airport, where he was to collect 10,000. pounds from the mother of one of the women he had seduced. He didn’t know that The phone they were calling was tapped by Scotland Yard and the FBI. Upon hearing the allegations, Hendy-Fregaard denied and insisted that he had fallen victim to a conspiracy.

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Maria Hindi Th 2004 p.

His trial began in June 2005. Hendy-Fregaard was charged with double kidnapping due to the years lost to both Sarah Smith and John Atkinson. In addition, he was charged with 10 theft and six fraud cases. His victims testified in court, including students, seduced by the story of a spy mission in 1992, who slowly returned to normal life. The verdict was handed down on September 6: Robert Hind Friggaard, then 34 years old He was going to spend the rest of his life in prison.

In 2007, Freegard won a case in an appeals court. The life sentence for the double kidnapping offense was reduced to nine years. The time Hende Frigaard has been behind bars since his arrest was included in the new ruling. The fraudster left prison in 2009.

Journalists started on the way

In 2012, he met David Hendy’s name, Sandra Clifton, a 49-year-old divorcee, through a dating app. He charmed her, bought a new car, moved into her house, and slowly but surely began separating her from her family—including teenage children, Jake and Sophie, and their father. Sandra’s son was kicked out of the house when he was 16, accusing him of stealing jewelry.

Photo: Netflix

Sophie and Jake Clifton meet Sarah Smith

Hindi Frigard and Clifton joined together Breeding beagle dogsPuppies are sold for roughly one to two thousand. Pounds and participate in many fairs across the country. This was the case until 2015, when the media found out the true identity of David Hendy, causing the couple to disappear and not become active in the breeding community. Sandra Clifton stopped communicating with the family the previous year. She did not even attend her parents’ funerals.

Times reporters weren’t able to find the couple until January 2022. They now live in Berkshire and still keep the dogs. Hindi categorically denied reports that he has complete control over his partner. He also admitted that in the past he committed several serious and useless mistakes, for which he apologized. She does not speak to the press.

For more information on Robert Indian Frigard’s crimes and victims, see “Masters of Hoax: The Stories of Famous Crooks,” which you can watch at Netflix From January 18, 2022. The children of Sandra Clifton, who They are still waiting to be called by their mother.

Sources: “The Times”

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