Surprise in the movie “Black Adam”.  Polish accent in a Hollywood movie

The iconic DC movie “Black Adam” is triumphing around the world. Action cinema, fantasy and adventure, Hollywood actors – you know, it just can’t fail. However, not everyone knows that the hit movie with Dwayne Johnson has a big Polish accent. The representative of our country has appeared there several times.

Black Adam. The new blockbuster movie from Warner Bros and DC Comics

Already at the very beginning, at the end of October, the film “Black Adam” promised success. Nearly 200,000 viewers, primarily on the HBO platform, is off to a very good start. Anyway, it was similar all over the world, which might be influenced by DC Comics’ distinction.

The plot is simple – after nearly five thousand years, Black Adam, endowed with divine powers, is freed from his earthly tomb. The eternal struggle between good and evil and the obligatory transformation from the worst to the best begins. There is no shortage of fighting scenes, demolition, explosions and magic. And the comic hero played by the master of world cinema Dwayne Johnson does not disappoint.

Black Adam. There is a Polish accent

During one of these fight scenes, we also notice his over-production Polish accent. He is “small” – Fiat 126 p and appears in this scene more than once. Then it is passed several times in the background of the street. There is no doubt that this car is a “pole”. Because we produced this famous gem until the year 2000. So maybe there is no other.

However, this is not the first “romance” of our Hollywood Fiat. In 2017 Tom Hanks received a Fiat 126p from the Poles. All after the star photographed himself in Budapest with the “toddler” and posted the photo online. The gift from Bielsko-Biawa was later put up for auction and was priced at 80,000. dollar.


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