From Tune Readers to Denise Villeneuve

I don’t know if it’s because of being in a full theater for the first time in two years. Or because I waited so long until the dream came true before my eyes. But I moved on before the credits started Hill, I Wrote at the Imperial Cinema by Denise Villanuev.

I have read it often Hill By Frank Herbert. As soon as I see the first sentences, I find it difficult not to continue, when Paul Adritis is subjected to the test of Beni Keserit’s esteemed mother, Kom Jabbar, and I go to a new turn in this universe introduced to science. Fiction a long time ago. Without Hill, I could never have opened a science fiction book. When I speak passionately about Bene Geserid, the Quizzes Haderrock and the Butler Jihad, I understand those who do not hesitate, and those who follow well. Star Trek When they are misunderstood.

I really liked Frank Herbert’s toon cycle of six novels – God of Emperor-Tune I really liked it – I saw it a dozen times even though I knew David Lynch’s film had failed.

When I found out that Denise Villeneuve was going to cope Hill, Does not belong to me anymore. To hell with the rest Blade Runner ! The filmmaker now fell into my unfulfilled fantasy of seeing an adaptation in line with my greatest hope.

Like millions of other readers, Hill Being one of the most widely read SF novels in the history of the genre, I belong to the frantic fringe of the general public and are feared by filmmakers who dare to touch works that have turned into Bibles. Unsatisfactory.

My verdict? Denis Villeneuve surpassed my expectations and became my new science fiction film Messiah with this film. I invite those who want to read remote and neutral text to go their own way because I lost my critical mind in the locker room when I left. Hill.

Imperial screen, the room I wanted, the place I found aliens And Terminator 2 THX technology of the 1980s, by James Cameron, is not enough for this worldview of Villanueva. You must view this image on an IMAX screen, not on a tablet, or even in your living room. I’ll only go there a few times just to help create a sequel to this two – part film – it would be a slander if it did not happen. Because even though I was stunned for two and a half hours in front of this vast array of Vilniu of the universe I had created myself, without wasting that strength, I felt that the filmmaker had set the table with respect. Working with false special effects. I left the cinema saying I hadn’t seen it yet. Even giant desert worms are humbly exposed and retain their mysteries. I have to wait to see Paul Muadh Dip Shay-Hulut ride …

We feel that Denise Villeneuve put her whole heart into this film, and I will sometimes be very cold at her achievements. It reminded me of the love that Peter Jackson paid for his adaptation Lord of the Rings, Tolkien’s love trilogy was never of interest to me, but after the first film I hurriedly went to read it. I think moviegoers will hang on Hill De Villeneuve will do the same without reading the novel before, and while waiting for the second part, it will increase their expectations tenfold.

The brief work of the scene is exploitative, because there is no need to understand the book, which I believed was impossible. Everything is in the picture, no explanation Geeky The cinema does not exaggerate the story.

While the book continues to immerse us in the thoughts of the characters, Villanev takes satisfaction in making the readers realize how they are entangled in events, along with the original emotion felt before this tragic story. Because Hill A terribly tragic story, the story of a young man named Paul, who has to embrace a terrible fate that emerges in his mind when the old spice works on him. This substance is found only on the planet Arachnid, also known as the tune, which is the object of all greed, which allows space travel, but also changes those who consume it.

In this sense, the film rests on the shoulders of Paul (Timothy Solomon) and his mother Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), the complete pair of villainy’s gaze. I have the idea that by understanding what he is and what awaits him, Paul’s immigration is of immeasurable weight, able to transcend himself for the future and unite a younger generation oppressed by work and responsibilities. Of the planet. Villanueva, like Frank Herbert, has even stronger environmental news than it did in 1965. Hill Has been published. In the new edition of Robert Lafont’s novel, the filmmaker signs a preface: “Obviously, we have lost our sacred connection with the world. This is one reason I believe so. Hill Absolutely current. If the phrase “XXI”e The century will be magical or not, ”Andre Malrox was told, and I dare you to imagine that he foretold the possible destruction of the natural world by the hypnotic deterioration of a barbaric bourgeoisie. ”

There are unforgettable moments in the life of a talented movie fan in fantasy worlds. When you look at the “scenes” Star Wars, ET, Head of rings Where 2001 Space Odyssey, For example. The seventh is the images that give full meaning to art and drive us away from our homes. Which is now included Hill As far as I am concerned Denis Villeneuve wrote.

The fact that it was made by a Cubes did not make me dissatisfied and made my happiness worse. Anyway, let me tell you one day when I was Hill Happened, I saw it in the movies. More than once.

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