A BBC presenter opens his newscast with the middle finger

Christmas bloopers took off in England, where a BBC journalist accidentally opened the message with the middle finger.

“BBC News Now” host Mariam Moshiri, who thought she was probably off air, was guilty of a rude gesture Wednesday that surprised the British channel’s prime-time audience.

Apart from that, in a split second, the presenter quickly resumed her serious demeanor: “Live from London, you’re watching BBC News” with her middle finger in the air and changed posture.

In no time, the scene went viral on social networks, where netizens commented extensively on the BBC news anchor’s gesture.

“I hope she doesn’t get fired for that,” wrote one internet user, who was unfazed by the journalist’s gaffe, while another said in a humorous tone: “The first honest thing at the BBC in decades”.

Journalist Moshiri, faced with the uproar created by his end-of-the-year blooper-worthy gaffe, responded on the X platform (formerly Twitter) with his sincere apologies to the British network’s public.

“I was joking with the crew and I’m very sorry that this moment was broadcast live! It was not my intention in any way and I apologize if this gesture offended anyone (…),” he assured.

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