“Martin Made Live”: “My father used my bad name a little” – Stephen Rousseau

Comedian and actor Stephen Russo spoke with friend Martin Matt on Thursday evening about his relationship with his father and how he took advantage of his son’s fame early in his career. , on the set of the show Martin is matte and direct.

Questioned by the host with whom he made 100 moves and held memorable “parties,” Stephen Rousseau admitted that his father often snuck up on him.

“My father, sometimes, […] He said we are going somewhere. In the end he never got to where he said he was going, or was going there, but there was a stop on the way. Once we stopped at a hair salon. […] He had posters, Sharpies, the whole shebang in his suitcase. He took me to see hairdressers in Ville Mercier,” she said.

“It’s your dad. It annoys you because you get punched a little bit, but you know it makes him happy. These little girls were so happy,” the comedian said with a smile, although he noted that he didn’t really want to face him.

“I was a little uncomfortable with that. He caught me all the time, weirdly, another time,” Stephen Russo added.

“When I had a confrontation with him, at the end, I waited too long and it exploded … and it wasn’t pretty,” he continued.

Discover sexuality with the Smurfs

In an interview, Stephen Rousseau let in a precious story from his youth when Martin Matt seemed at times unbalanced and, at times, pressed for time. Neighbor A group of Martin is matte and direct By great chance, he found him.

Guest of the Week for hosting a talk show in 2018, Rousseau’s show, acquired the rights to a personalized program from Appendeux (Julien Corriveau and Jean-François Provençal). The duo we discovered in the group Les Appendices paid tribute to Mrs Zigger, the famous doll controlled by the comedian.

First a look

Martin Matt returned to the echoes of his talk show premiere Thursday evening, the week he earned it. In particular, he took the liberty of reading some comments from netizens, such as a certain France accusing him of cutting off his weekly guest, Patrick Huard.

In his opening number, the comedian, who gained confidence during the episode – and who rarely spoke about the penis – briefly reviewed current events, asked questions and, among other things, asked Prime Minister François Legault to be elected. Creating a third link between Quebec and Lévis.

“You’re never alone at Christmas, it’s like digging up your grandma […]. He says he is in listening mode. It must be selective listening, because he’s not listening to teachers or nurses, he’s listening to lost voters,” the host said.

Filmed at Espace St-Denis, Martin Matt Livet is presented every Thursday on TVA at 8 p.m.

Dumas and his band provide the musical ambiance.

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