Mars.  An unusual volcano has been discovered.  “The perfect place to find life”

According to CNN, it is… A huge cone, but not towering above its surroundings In the area called Night maze (Polish: Labirytnt Nocy – ed.) – is a region located near the planet's equator, characterized by Dense network of grooves.

The head of a non-governmental institute discovered a previously unknown volcano Morsi Dr. Pascal Lee and a doctoral candidate in geology at the University of Maryland, College Park Saurabh Shubham. Researchers believe that this is due to the terrain The volcano may have escaped observers of the Red Planet. Despite many years of satellite image analysis.

-It is so eroded that if someone didn't focus on looking for the volcano, it would already be there It is very difficult to detect quickly – Lee said in an interview with CNN.

Mars. Scientists discovered a volcano. It is taller than Mount Everest

However, the newly discovered volcano differs significantly in size from the volcano Olympus Mons – It is the highest volcano known to man on the surface of Mars and in all parts of it Solar System. Its diameter is 624 kilometers (Exactly the distance in a straight line from Jastropia Gora to Zakopane – Editor) and Its height is 25 km.

If scientists' assumptions are confirmed, this may lead to the discovery of a volcano in this place Important for understanding the geology of Mars. The institute's president said he hopes its success will help attract people to the area Future research expeditions to search for water ice.

New volcano in Marta. “Perfect place”

The American TV portal says that the research Water ice is a key point in the study of Mars. It is a resource that can be used to continue human exploration of the Red Planet, and can even be converted To rocket fuel.

In addition, water ice is the appropriate structure for the emergence of various forms of life. – This may be the site An ideal place to search for strange entities On Mars, Dr. Pascal told me.

– Of course, we are not looking for a little green man with antennae – he added and stressed that scientists are looking for him Microorganisms that do not exist on Earth.

According to researchers “Labyrinth of Night” is a good starting point For this kind of exploration.

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