What are you watching this week?  New on video on demand and in cinemas

We have many strong series and movies ahead of us. Fans of video-on-demand platforms and watching at home, as well as movie lovers will find something for themselves. What’s worth watching this week?

Ted lasso season 3

Discovery returns in 2020. We had to wait longer for Ted Lasso season 3 than we did season 2, but I think patience will pay off. With the departure of Nate, who will take over the management of the former owner of Richmond’s West Ham club, the situation at the club should return to normal, but is this certain? Each character will have their ups and downs, but won’t Ted’s optimism run out this time? The new third season of “Ted Lasso” premieres March 15, but new episodes will be released at weekly intervals.

Shadow and Bone season two

It’s hard to believe we’ve waited so long for a continuation of one of Netflix’s most successful fantasy series, because it looks like good ratings and success will prompt the return of the favourites. The wait is over and on March 16, the entire second season of “Shadow and Bone” based on the books by Leigh Bardugo will be available on the platform. Ahead is another confrontation between larger armies, an opportunity to increase the power of the main character and more.

Immigration XD

The new Polish series CANAL + is based on the book by Malcolm XD and tells the story of two friends who decide to leave a small town for London. They will meet diverse communities and individuals on their way to the UK, which brings the series to life and adds a lot of color to the plot. The cast includes Thomas Wochouk, Mischau Palicki, Paulina Gazka, and Adam Bobek. Premieres on CANAL+ and CANAL+ Online on March 17th.


The massively produced Apple TV+ series with an incredible cast tells a story that spans more than 33 years. Starring Eliza Gonzalez, Tobey Maguire, Marion Cotillard, Forest Whitaker, Gemma Chan and Kit Harington. Central to the plot are climatic changes affecting the daily lives of (non-)ordinary people, their beliefs, and chances of survival on Earth. Premieres March 17th on Apple TV+.

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Batman is alive.  The new animation is coming to Amazon Prime Video!

Shazam! Wrath of the Gods

The sequel to one of the DC Universe’s most successful films arrives four years after the premiere of “Shazam,” and in the meantime a lot has changed in the DCEU. New people took the helm, many projects were closed and others were started. “Shazam! Wrath of the Gods” promises to be another superhero movie that will have a slight impact on the entire universe, but maybe we will have some surprises. I hope the very fun vibe of “Shazam” also returns in the sequel, which promises to be simply in every respect. more. Premieres in cinemas on March 17.


Not many of Adam Driver’s recent projects have suggested the actor would be willing to star in a sci-fi movie, but it’s clear that this story or the people working on it made the actor take up the challenge. The events of the film take place on Earth, but the time of the action is … 65 million years ago. After that, the main character’s ship crashes on the planet, which is accompanied by the only surviving catastrophe. They are facing a real challenge in fighting for survival in a world full of prehistoric animals. Premieres in cinemas on March 17.


Wojciech Schmellarz’s upcoming books are being adapted for the screen, the latest of which will be the film Wiruwa. The main roles were played by Tomasz Kott, Karolina Groska, Jrgygorz Damicki and Olga Boedo, while the script was written by Marcin Česić. Directing is Bartosz Konopka, who previously shot ia “Keep Calm”, “Death” and “Deep in the Woods”. This time the work is about a mysterious accident in which the wife of the main character dies. After this event, more facts begin to emerge, which expose long-standing lies. In cinemas from March 17.

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