June 5, 2023


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Marc Labrèche has already asked Celine some very uncomfortable questions about her son

You could say things are happening for Celine Dion and Marc Labrech.

The latter started hosting a talk show come to me On Nuovo Waves.

For his part, the singer released Love againHis first play since 2019, Thursday.

So we decided it was the right time to publish an old interview with Celine from 2002 Tall blonde with a sneaky show.

During her appearance on the show, Proust took the opportunity to give her a questionnaire about being a parent. At that time, René-Charles was born.

During the interview, “For or against peace?” Asks innocuous questions like and “Can you shake a baby too much?”.

On the other hand, he also shows something very different. Questions You Don’t Ask on Primetime Talk Shows “Would you allow your son to see his father naked?” Or “Would you find it worse if she lost her virginity at 12 or 27?”.

The last question leaves the poor singer reeling.

We recommend listening to the entire episode. It’s a moment of TV as it’s rare.

Also in a bag of crisps:

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