Manufacture of carbon dioxide-free fertilizers.  There will be a government response

Tuesday Grupa Azoty . Board of Directors He announced the temporary closure of the plant for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, caprolactam and polyamide 6. The decision was justified by an “extraordinary and unprecedented increase in natural gas prices.”

He also took a similar decision to stop the production of fertilizers due to the rise in gas prices AnuelAnd the which belong to PKN Orlen. On Wednesday, Grupa Azoty also announced a cut in fertilizer production Zakadi Azotoy kudzerzin.

Entrepreneurs and industrial organizations warn that stopping fertilizer production will lead to a shortage of carbon dioxide used, for example by Breweries, meat factories, beverage and cheese producers.

“Food producers are beating the alarm! The cessation of fertilizer production is causing huge problems for the meat industry. Without a quick start to fertilizer production, we will face a huge crisis, and the losses will reach a billion zlotys! People’s Party Chairman Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz warned on Twitter.

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Kowalczyk announced that he is with the Minister of State Assets, Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sassin Working on a system that will enable the resumption of fertilizer production. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development stressed: “We will present the projects to the next cabinet. Their implementation will solve the problems of carbon dioxide supply, and facilitate the purchase of fertilizers for farmers.” At the same time he resumed, So do not panic.

Government spokesman Peter Mueller announced on Wednesday that the Ministers of Agriculture and Government Assets will work on setting up a mechanism to stabilize fertilizer prices. He added that such a solution will be adopted in the next or upcoming meeting of the Council of Ministers.


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