Throw it in the tub.  The unpleasant smell will disappear within a few minutes
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We unveil our patented easy and effective sink odor eliminator. All you have to do is throw a tea bag in it, and you will quickly get rid of the problem.

Why does the tub start smelling bad?

Sometimes an unpleasant odor begins to emanate from the sink, which is very difficult to neutralize in this way. As a rule, it appears in old, poor-quality appliances, especially in apartment blocks. But it can also appear in a tub that was recently installed. The bad smell is the result of clogged pipes. Mere residue blocking the flow of water through the system is not necessarily the focal point of the stench. But due to the fact that they impede the proper outflow of water, various bacteria accumulate in these areas.

Over time, a lot of them can build up, and then be associated with a pungent odor seeping out of the tub. Getting rid of it completely – despite the use of aggressive detergents – is usually difficult and long-term. Fortunately, there is a quick and great way to deal with the problem. Just stock up on a used tea bag.

This is how you deodorize the sink

A product that copes well with the scent is a tea bag (also used). It releases a strong and pleasant scent that will overshadow the scent coming from the sink.

First, boil water in the kettle, place a tea bag (or several pieces) in the sink hole, and then pour the hot water from the kettle over it. Leave the bag in the drain pan overnight. The liquid will gradually flow through them and reach the smelly tubes. In the morning, take out the bag and throw it away. There will be no trace of unpleasant odor. Repeat this process from time to time if you don’t want to clean out your entire flush at this point (unfortunately, you’ll have to do that someday).

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