Mama Mia!  Barilla has been sued.  It was about pasta.  It is not produced in Italy.

Matthew Sinatro and Jessica Prost sue Market Leader macaroni The Barilla brand, which has its roots in Italy, says:Washington Post“As they explained, when buying pasta from this brand, they were convinced that it was produced in Poland Italia. They were misled by the inscription on the cans of this product: “The #1 Italian Brand of Pasta” and the colorful logo representing the Italian flag.

Columns without pasta and noodles? Possible suspension of pasta production

She sued Barilla. By embossing on pasta packages

Sinatro and Prost argue about this pasta comp Barilla is not produced in Italy, but in the United States – specifically in Iowa and new York. Pasta lovers point out that if they knew that Parilla pasta was not made in Italy, pasta lovers would not buy it. They also noted that Italy is valued not only for the production of pasta, but also for having high-protein durum wheat, which is necessary for the production of high-quality products.

Barilla is headquartered in the US state of Illinois, but it started with the name a store in Parma, Italy. Court files show that factories in Iowa and New York use ingredients from countries other than Italy to produce pasta.

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Do not pour water after cooking pasta.  Use it again!Italia. Nobel laureate gives tips on how to cook pasta to save electricity and gas

California Barilla Pasta Court: The allegations are enough to prove economic damage

Judge Donna Rio said Monday that the case would continue. “Their allegations (Sinatro and Prost Ed) are sufficient to cause economic damage,” said Rio, quoted by The Washington Post.

The pasta lawsuit was filed in California court. The US newspaper notes that the California law firm Barilla, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of Sinatro and Prost, has not commented on the matter.

Now, as WP points out, two boxes of noodles for a few dollar It could lead to a class action that lawyers say could cost Barilla millions dollar.

Barilla pasta is also sold in Poland. The package features a popular advertising logo and a tricolor flag. The ingredients consist mainly of solid flour, typical of pasta.

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Raw zucchini noodles with parsley pesto

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