Madonna, 64 and unrecognizable: How much it will cost you to get the same face as the star

Madonna A lot has changed, it’s normal, time passes for her like we do… Madonna is starting to scare us a little. For months now, the face she’s been showing us on social media has gotten increasingly creepy — and don’t tell us you don’t feel the same way about yourself. That Madonna, 64, doesn’t accept aging, which is one thing. It is different that she resorted to some tricks so as not to show her age. But here we start to seriously worry. But what did she do to her face? Also, sub question: How much does it cost? ?

Madonna: What did she do to her face?

The the sun He asked the question Plastic surgeon The eminent American, Dr. Richard Westreich. Who tried to keep his Diagnosis. “The first thought after seeing her in the recent videos was that we no longer recognize her. Once you cross a certain threshold, even a casual observer can notice it Something is wrong. » Ah, so we’re not the only ones… No, we can’t blame everything on Insta filters and company!
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“What strikes me most is the general shape of the face, and especially the top, for one reason Overfilling, Dr. Richard Westreich continues. I don’t know if it’s a filler or a fat transfer product, but Madonna There are no temples, which is odd, and sticks out giving her face a weird shapeThe doctor explains. Fillers attract water, and this creates a bloated appearance if overdone. So the more volume, the more unstructured it is. »

Did Madonna pay for a facelift?

But what did the Queen of Pop do to herself? For him, Madonna “Perhaps suffered Face lift And a kind of brow lift, because the shape of her brows is so highHe judges. I think she had eye work done years ago, as well as lip augmentation, which could be filler. But implants may also be placed there.Expert thinks.

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Saw the end (no dad), Shame on doctors of Madonna »He adds… while qualifying: “If Madonna is your patient and she comes in and says she needs an eyebrow lift, and you say no, you’re going to lose her. This explains why some celebrities look weird, because sometimes it’s hard to say no to them.”

Especially from these speaks (Assumed, remember) Expensive: “Some surgeons charge $150,000 for a facelift, but for the average person, between a facelift, a brow lift and a set of augmentations $75,000 and $100,000, but Madonna may have paid more. »

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