First foreign flight from Trieste to the Dominican Republic

On Monday, in the early afternoon, the wide-body LOT Dreamliner flew out for the first time in history from Gdansk Airport. The machine, carrying 223 passengers, went on a multi-hour cruise to the Dominican Republic.

The cruise to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic is the first direct transatlantic flight in the history of Gdansk Airport. Originally, Rainbow’s office offering included four exotic destinations (Apart from the Dominican Republic also Mexico, Cuba and Thailand), but finally a connection was only launched with an island in the Caribbean.

– The start of direct transatlantic flights from Gdansk is the beginning of a new era. This is a whole new chapter for us and our passengers. We hope that Rainbow and other tour operators will develop this offer. Residents of Pomerania and the whole of northern Poland want to travel on vacation to distant warm countries in autumn and winter and want to travel directly from Gdansk and today it is possible – comments Thomas KluskowskiHead of Gdansk Airport Why Walęsa.
The plane to Gdansk arrived “empty” on Monday afternoon from Warsaw. Before leaving from Gdansk to the Dominican Republic, a water salute was planned, but at the last moment it was abandoned due to weather conditions.

Finally he came on the plane 223 passengers (The capacity of the machine is 252 places). Fifteen of them traveled more than twelve hours in the most expensive business class. Another 18 people traveled in premium class, and the remaining 190 in economy class.

– I am sure this moment will be remembered for a long time. Well, the day has come when we can all rejoice in the fact that from such an important airport as Gdansk, historically, Rainbow customers travel directly for the first time, that is, without transfers or layovers, and in comfortable conditions with Dreamliner for the exotic and remote Dominican Republic. Clients who wanted to fly from Gdansk for a holiday with Rainbow have so far a choice of mainly short holiday destinations for summer, such as Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt or Bulgaria, and in winter – Egypt or the Canary Islands. From now on, they have a wider choice and enjoy the beaches of the Dominican Republic, and they do not have to go to airports located in other cities. It also reflects our mission, which is to bring in as weird stuff as possible – he says Massej ChtoraRainbow Council member.

Dreamliner in Gdansk
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The PLL LOT Dreamliner from Warsaw has landed at Gdansk Airport. Today, the first flight takes place to the Dominican Republic, and more specifically to Puerto Plata. Perhaps one day we will see flights to Japan or the USA.

The PLL LOT Dreamliner from Warsaw has landed at Gdansk Airport. Today, the first flight takes place to the Dominican Republic, and more specifically to Puerto Plata. Perhaps one day we will see flights to Japan or the USA.

Bigger plane, lower fuel consumption

The machine that connects Gdansk to the airport in Puerto Plata, in the north of the Dominican Republic, is a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

It is a twin-engine, wide, semi-mounted jet aircraft, making it Lighter and more economical (Burns less fuel with more range). Rolls-Royce engines are not only more efficient on long journeys, but they are also less noisy. The manufacturer guarantees that the breed is paternal. 60 percent less noise from their competitors.

Dreamliner has an advantage too Great travel comfortthey offer Three classes of travel. The Dreamliner’s interior looks a little different from regular aircraft. More space for passengers, more attention-grabbing accidental The windows, the size of which can be compared to a handbag. It is made of electrochromic material, which makes it darker to suit outdoor conditions.

Dreamliner is also equipped with a special LED backlight, which allows you to smoothly adjust the strength and color of the light. This is especially appreciated by passengers on long transcontinental flights, thanks to which they feel the effects of changing time zones much less often.

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