User experience has become the top determinant for customer engagement with any product. There are thousands of online slots Canada today, and with hundreds of others being released daily, keeping punters interested will take much more than just killer graphics. 

In a bid to help casino operators customize their members’ experience on their platforms, iSoftBet has just released a leading-edge gamification feature dubbed the Jackpot Tool. The tool can be used on 8,000+ slots by iSoftBet’s Game Aggregation Platform and about 150 top iSoftBet games. Operators will now be able to target specific demographics of players in their respective environments. In the past, operators had to depend wholly on the providers’ creativity or lack thereof, without the power to change any features that were not exactly suitable for their members. 

Since operators are usually already working on reeling in a particular set of clientele, this will propel their marketing strategies to a whole new level without breaking the bank. Now, more players with varying preferences will be reachable with the right combination of features. So, let’s take a closer look at what this gamification tool is all about and how it will change the game.

Key Features

Thanks to the Jackpot Tool, there are several features that will facilitate the customization of different slots by operators. With these, it’s possible to transform the same game into a whole new hit when players visit different online casinos. The main functionalities include:

  • Jackpot Mechanics

Apart from adding progressive jackpots to any of the selected slots, operators will be able to create player categories within the feature, i.e., VIP and non-VIP players and multiple levels within a single jackpot. During promotional events, the jackpot can also be designed to accommodate different features as desired by the customer. Tournaments, free rounds and achievements can be tracked without any hassle when the tool is installed. iSoftBet also works with the operators to select from various triggers for the different jackpot designs.

  • A Management Dashboard

A monitoring tool has been integrated via a management dashboard to display key metrics within the Jackpot Tool. Operators will now be able to monitor, control and manage jackpots, and enjoy ongoing Jackpot Liability Management with some performance monitoring. 

  • Tailorable Widgets

iSoftBet has availed unique ready skins, although operators can create their own designs in a bid to stand out. Customers can also add animated celebration features within the jackpot for winning bets. The widgets can be positioned anywhere in minimized or expanded screen mode, whether on mobile or desktop. This should be achievable via a simple click-and-drag action on the player’s device to inject a personal touch and more immersion into the gameplay.

Remarkable Results from Phase One

The company conducted an in-depth qualitative market survey to determine how customer engagement tools can successfully be integrated into the existing gameplay while concurrently improving the user experience. Real slot machine players were involved in the research via focus groups, and the outcome was a conclusion that carried two vital factors. One is the value of a customized offering to slot machine players, and the second is the ability for players to have options. 

The Jackpot Tool has already been launched in the first phase, and some improvements were introduced to upgraded slots featuring the tool. After applying it to several games released before 2020, the software provider has already reported an overall 350% increase in bets placed with the first month of launch, with the tool seeing a 35% uplift in bets. The number of active players also went up by 150%, with 65% of players on the tested platform engaging with at least one of the casino slots with the Jackpot Tool. Spins also went up by 35% for slots that had been enhanced by the tool.

Unlocking New Possibilities and Experiences in the Slot Machine World

Upon the official debut of the Jackpot Tool, The Chief Product Officer at IsoftBet, Mr. Andrew Bonnici, pointed that creation of great games is no longer enough in the rapidly evolving market. Today’s online slot machine players demand mind-blowing gameplay experiences – a need that has been solved by the new customizable Jackpot Tool. Mr. Bonnici also remarked that his company’s suite of advanced player engagement solutions meaningfully augments operator offerings and revamps customer experience. He added that the tool is made with players’ behavioral patterns in mind to ensure that engagement is maintained at an all-time high.

iSoftBet is famous for developing top-notch casino gaming solutions with a particular leaning on slots and table games. The London-based gaming bigwig has been releasing some popular TV and movie-inspired titles since its launch in 2010. The iSoftBet team has demonstrated some ingenious skills in their delivery of games, and Jackpot Tool is proof that they are aiming for the stars and beyond. With this level of innovativeness, a bright future lies ahead for the decade-old slots developer.

According to iSoftBet, operators who embrace the tool will see their internal investments reduced as they can seamlessly set budget controls. Analyzing player data through the management dashboard will also facilitate player targeting campaigns, among other benefits. The Jackpot Tool is set to be a disruptive piece of technology that will change the way other developers approach the whole topic of jackpots. 

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