Maciej Dabor on “Nauka, What's Wrong?”  Our immunity and frequent infectious diseases

In recent years, we have associated vaccinations mainly with… Covid-19 With a heated debate that continued for several months about the safety of vaccines. Opponents cited the rapid pace of coronavirus vaccine production as the main argument.

The best vaccinated country in Europe is Norway. This is where children are most often vaccinated thanks to the responsible attitude of their parents. Interestingly, vaccinations in Norway are… voluntary.

What is vaccination? Vaccination is actually a microinfection. We take a piece of virus or a piece of bacteria and we project it onto the body: Listen, when you see it, you have to defend yourself.

~Prof. Ph.D. Krzysztof Bertsch, Małopolska Center for Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University

Old diseases are coming back with a vengeance. An example of this is measles, which has begun to seriously disturb society and is looming on the horizon Doctors notice tuberculosiswhich we have diminished its importance somewhat in recent years.

What is the future?

We can fight subsequent diseases only through vaccination and so-called construction Herd immunity. The most talked about vaccine currently is… Alzheimer's disease. Japanese scientists have successfully tested a vaccine on animals that slows or prevents Alzheimer's disease. Currently, it is very stressful for humanity, as it even affects 70 percent of dementia patients.

Old diseases are coming back with a vengeance. Are there vaccines for this?/Geek Week/INTERIA.PL

Flu is still dangerous

On the other hand, the importance of influenza is underestimated, which is a very bad trend. Post-influenza complications remain serious, and every year many patients who treated the disease as a cold die from it. Fortunately, researchers have good news for us, because… A universal influenza virus vaccine must be developed within two years. Thanks to this, you will not have to be vaccinated every year.

The most serious complications associated with post-flu complications are heart attack, acute heart failure, and myocarditis.

~Prof. Grzegorz Jagos, MD, Cardiologist, Specialized Hospital Krakow. Saint John Paul II

The program “Science, What's Up?”

program “Science, what's up?” It is a popular science series covering current topics. you want to know, Do you need nutritional supplements?? Are you wondering how tunnels are created? Or maybe you are interested in photography or… Artificial intelligence development? Get ready for a journey through the latest technological discoveries and revolutions that are changing the face of the world. “Science, what's up?” Z Maciej Dobor Not just a scientific review, it is also a guide to the world of contemporary achievements.

The first episodes of “Naoka, What's Up?” It will appear on Friday the 20th in Geekweek and on the Interia homepage.

Maciej Dobor Radio and television journalist, associated with since 2005 Polsat TV. He hosts the station's greatest hits, including the show “Your face looks familiar.” He was also the face of the popular science project for seven seasons “Copernicus was a woman”.

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