January 27, 2023


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The new MOND addresses the problems it failed to deal with and does not require dark matter

The new MOND addresses the problems it failed to deal with and does not require dark matter

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Two members of the Czech Academy of Sciences He proposed a new Modified Newton dynamic hypothesis (MOND) that sparked interest in the physical environment. MOND modifies Newton’s laws of motion for a nonlinear relationship between force and acceleration. They can do without dark matter and dark energy, they describe very well the phenomena that occur in galaxies, but they cannot deal with the description on a larger scale. So it has not gained universal acceptance. The work of Constantinos Skordis and Tom Zlognik is to change that.

For many years, physicists have accepted the hypothesis of the existence of dark matter, thanks to which it is possible to explain some of the observed phenomena that cannot be explained in a standard way. However, not everyone agrees with it, pointing out that there is no physical evidence for the existence of dark matter. Therefore, the MOND hypothesis emerged that there is an unknown type of gravity. However, the different MOND variables were unable to explain certain properties of the microwave background radiation (CMB).
Skordis and Złiciel claim to have created the MOND model that describes both the CMB and the gravitational lens.

Their model is based on MOND’s original assumption that two fields act together like gravity. One of the fields is peaceful and the other is vector. Czech scientists have added parameters that indicate the creation of gravitational-modified fields in the early universe. Such fields behave like dark matter from other hypotheses. These fields, the researchers say, evolved into the forces described by MOND.

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Skordis and Złiciel claim that their model explains both gravitational lensing and CMB features. In the next stage of their considerations, they want to see if that explains the abundance of lithium in the universe and the differences in measurements of the universe’s expansion rate. Dark matter hypotheses cannot explain these mysteries.

We will read the details of the work in the article The new theory of relativity, modified Newtonian dynamics Posted in pages physical review messages.

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