This appreciated film bypassed Polish cinemas.  The latest Academy Award winning production is available on live streaming!

Viewers in Poland can now watch Emerald Fennell's latest offering. The 38-year-old director and screenwriter won an Oscar for “The Promising.” young man. Woman.” And now her latest cut has arrived on Prime Video – “Saltburn” has arrived on SVOD.

“Saltburn” was recommended by 72% of critics, and at the same time the film received ratings of 79% of viewers, but in Poland we could not see the story on the big screen. The world premiere took place at the Telluride Film Festival at the end of August, and in mid-November the film debuted in premiere cinemas.

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Amazon jumped at the opportunity and acquired the worldwide rights to publish the production and “Saltburn” is available on Prime Video today. This is another promising story that may be interesting for fans of seeing beloved stories on the small screen.

Alexandra Daniel does not hide the fact that this is “Today's movie information”:

Movie information today

“Saltburn” is now available for subscription on @PrimeVideo. Starring http://including: Barry Keoghan, Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, Jacob Elordi. I'd like to remind you that Emerald Fennell, who created “Promising. Young. Woman,” is responsible for the film.

'Saltburn' is a black comedy mixed with a psychological thriller that tells the story of Felix Caton – a wealthy man who invites Oliver Quick on a summer adventure filled with wealth, trouble, intrigue, hormones and mayhem.

“Saltburn” is the second major production to make its livestream debut today. We previously reported on the premiere of “Spider-Man: Through the Multiverse.”

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