In shock, Mariana Massa shed tears at the news of her success at the Les Olivier

On Sunday evening, Mariana Massa was shocked to learn that she had won the prestigious Olivier Award of the Year at the Gala les Olivier.

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If Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais was king of the evening, He harvested three olive trees during the awards ceremonyMariana Massa is the winner of this year’s prestigious trophy for comedian.

However, there is no latter, so when he was watching the gala he realized that he was winning directly from his room. So he spoke on the network and, a few minutes later, was completely shocked at his success. It was with a Mariana tear, touching and real that he addressed his subscribers to express his gratitude, but also explained the reason for his absence.

He is currently touring with his new show Rude … Forgive me if I love you, The comedian was simply tired of his recent performances and wanted to relax before his next dates rather than go to the gala les olivier. Honestly, considering all the other names nominated in the same category as herself, she thought there was only a small chance of success.

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“I am just shocked. I do not understand. […] This is not a joke, my reaction. Looks like I don’t understand. […] I like Fake Now, but I was looking at the house from the gala I had at home, with a glass of wine, a little homemade pizza […] They said: “Mariana Massa”. Bye! My mom yelled and called me! We did not do that on purpose, ”he said as his puppy tried to comfort her somehow.

See his reaction here:

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Many of his subscribers and like his friends Rosalie Wylancourt, Patricia Buckwin, Emily Begin and Debbie Lynch-White sent him a lot of love in the comments.

Congratulations to Mariana Massa!

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