Who will take on the role of James Bond after No Time To Die?  Big surprise - there is a new favourite!

Just a few days ago, we brought you our ranking of favorites to take on the role of James Bond after the movie It is not time to die Let us remind you that the list includes a study of Twitter entries about individual candidates. It just so happens that the list does not include an actor who, unexpectedly, in the past few days, has found himself in first place in betting with the choice of his successor. Daniela Crega. that it Tom Hooperthat you may associate with products like Umbrella AcademyAnd pirates if game of Thrones (His picture can be found in the second gallery at the end of the text).

It is not clear why Huber’s odds are in the predictions William Hella In just 24 hours, he went from 100-1 to 3-1, allowing him to overtake, among other things Thomas Hardigo (4-1), Richard Medina (4-1) i Reggie Jean Peja (7-1). This is expected to be related to reports that a shortlist of candidates for the role of Bond has been created, which they will be preparing recently. Michael J Wilson I Barbara Broccoli.

If news about the letter is confirmed, the name of Craig’s successor should be known within a few weeks or several weeks.

Let’s recall the Bond role’s favorites from a study of Twitter entries – created just the day before the switch to Hopper:

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