Lukashenka goes to Putin.  "suddenly".  The meeting may not take place in Grodno, 20 km from the Polish border |  world News

From the information obtained by an independent service Belarusskij Haagon It follows that the meeting of the chiefs Belarus And the Russia suddenly. So it is not known whether the meeting of Vladimir Putin, scheduled for a few days, will be held in Grodno, Belarus. It was supposed to be the president’s first visit abroad Russia Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Putin was scheduled to participate in the Forum of the Union State Regions (June 30 – July 1).

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Is there a danger of the Russians using nuclear weapons? Seminyak: The risk is very small

Alexander Lukashenko’s sudden departure to Russia. In Saint Petersburg, he will meet with Vladimir Putin

The meeting will be held in St. Petersburg. The two presidents’ talks are scheduled for Saturday, June 25. Alexander Lukashenko has already arrived in Russia. According to the unofficial results, this visit is not a one-day visit.

Lukashenka “flew from Orsha to Saint Petersburg in his Boeing 737-800 with registration number EW-001PA,” Belarusian service reports that tracked the presidential flight. airplane on the radars. Also on Wednesday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked whether Putin would meet Lukashenka in Grodno. – This meeting is possible before this forum – The politician’s response to journalists.

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Russia announces “practical” measures to retaliate against Lithuania

from wednesday in Belarus military training. Speak in the Gomel region in the border with Ukraine. From the Belarusian advertisement Ministry of Defense It follows that it will continue until July 1. The official reason for the exercises is to “check that the tasks are done”. “Unlike previous years, recruits will not be sent to the disposal of units, but will participate in exercises in the formation of military stations,” the ministry said.

According to information from Ukrainian intelligence, up to seven Belarusian battalions are stationed in the Brest and Gomel states. This means that there are between 3.5 and 4 thousand soldiers on the border with Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenka was supposed to send wooden tanks to the borderBelarus. Did Lukashenka order the placement of wooden tanks near the border?

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