Afghan refugees leave Poznan.  “None of the people have declared their desire to remain in Poland.”

Most often they choose Canada.

Let us remind you. The plane carrying the evacuees, including a newborn and an advanced pregnant woman, landed in Poznan in early September. A special infrastructure and heated tents were prepared at the airport, where evacuees are waiting for verification and completion of the necessary procedures. Then they were transferred to the Ikar Hotel in Pozna. Although at first it was assumed that more people would come to the capital of Greater Poland, in the end a little more than 100 people turned up.

It was assumed that Afghan citizens would stay in Poland for 3 months. At that time, NATO had to make a decision on their further transfer.

According to Radio Poznan, some refugees have already left our city. Most often they choose Canada. There are also European countries on their list. Two people have already left for Denmark, 18 to the Netherlands, and 7 to the United States. Tomorrow 7 more refugees will travel to the United States – Government Security Bureau spokesman, Damien Duda, told reporters.
On December 3, 31 people will travel to Canada, because the visa process takes some time, at the request of NATO, 49 people will be extended until January 31 due to the procedures and these 49 people will also travel to Canada Damien Duda explains.

As the radio journalists learned, none of the people declares their desire to stay in Poland. You have to take into account that these people speak English, so they often argue that they want to move to English speaking countries or where English is the leading language, because they want to work without having to learn a new language Damien Duda ends.

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