June 6, 2023


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Dramatic pictures.  For the first time in history, they saw the light of day - O2

Dramatic pictures. For the first time in history, they saw the light of day – O2

Pictures from Saiansing County. Most Uyghurs live there, and camps are located there as well. According to the information described by the activists, they come from compromised camp computers and networks.

The materials will also include recordings of high-ranking leaders, in which voices of criticism of the Chinese regime are heard. There are also camp safety instructions, including descriptions of security forces equipped with long guns.

There was also data on the scale of arrests. According to xinjiangpolicefiles.org, four years ago, up to 12 percent of the Uyghur population living in the Siancing District was supposed to be in camps. More than 5,000 were leaked into the daylight. Photographs of men and women, the elderly, and children living in “Chinese labor camps”.

The youngest detainee in the camp is 15-year-old Rahil Omar. The camps were set up in 2017, on the orders of the Chinese authorities, led by President Xi Jinping. The international community has repeatedly demanded that the Uyghurs be locked up in it – but to no avail. The Chinese authorities are still insisting on imprisoning more citizens in the camps. They also carry out an extensive policy of sin-indoctrination as part of Chinese cultural policy, which aims to eradicate Uyghur folk practices.

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