On Halloween, fuel prices in Poland will reach a critical level!  From November 1, diesel, gasoline and LPG for the wealthy

In a week, the Poles will be ready to go to the graves. However, it is worth refueling the car on Halloween much earlier. Significant increases in diesel, gasoline and LPG prices are expected from November 1.

Is the specter of high fuel prices on Halloween exaggerated pessimism? Absolutely not, it has been a year since the average price of diesel or petrol in Poland recently fell. Since last winter, we observe only dynamic increases, the slowdown of which, unfortunately, does not appear on the horizon.

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It can’t be that anymore

Experts from e-petrol.pl note that in the case of gasoline and diesel oil, prices below 6 PLN per liter are a late ignition bomb. Station owners are doing their best and cutting their margins to the limit. However, the situation in the wholesale market is getting worse and at some points stations will not be able to artificially reduce prices.

The bubble will begin to burst next week, as diesel and gasoline may rise by about 0.10 cents a liter. Analysts warn that from November 1, refueling less than PLN 6 per liter may be a real luxury. The price of autogas is also heading to new records. On Halloween, average LPG prices may approach 3.30 PLN per liter.

Gas stations will not show the price per liter
come in. stock.adobe.com – Nomad_Soul

Crude oil will set a record?

Pessimistic forecasts lead the events in the international markets and the decline of the zloty. Fuel consumption in the US has nearly risen to the level of 2019. This is worrying news that WTI Crude Oil has fewer and fewer inventories. Analysts at BM Reflex note that this could lead to a record hike in barrel prices. Meanwhile, just six months ago, WTI oil prices had been negative for some time!

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