"Love Island. Love Island."  Shocking evaporation and a sea of ​​tears.  Nobody expects that!

There haven’t been such feelings for a long time! Ola has a problem, but she doesn’t quite know what you’re talking about. As she herself said, she has a hard time in her soul. For Hit Island, the age difference between her and David is a problem. The newcomer islander is only 22 years old, but indications are that they get along well.

On the other hand, Alexandra is worried about her relationship with Eric. She is afraid that the lack of a note from the man may only symbolize the end of the relationship with her. However, he has a good feeling, because he does not know yet that Eric had a great time at Casa Amor.

Andrzej still thinks his heart is on Paulinka’s love island and doesn’t notice Marta, because he says he won’t fall in love in a second. Polina wanted Andrzej to open up to other girls, but unfortunately … his heart is still with her.

Paulina begins to collapse around Matthews. Is this the guy who will finally ditch the hashtag #niewie?

Tough choices at Casa Amor. Jurek fears that Alex already has a new partner in the Villa of Love. The girl is also worried about her relationship with Gorik. She admitted in an interview with the girls that she did not want her to feel sad.

Gentlemen received a text message! It’s time to make a decision. Will any of the islanders return to Love Island with a new partner? Was it worth so much to lose?

The girls were the first to choose! Ola had the easiest task because she was single from the start. No one was surprised when it turned out that she had bet on David.

Armando also had an easy choice, as he was also single. It turns out that he managed to find a girlfriend in Casa Amor and returned to Love Island with Edita. Walk with confidence into the Love Island villa.

It’s Magda and Victor’s turn. However, no one was surprised that Magda decided to wait for Victor. Has the most enduring couple stand the test of time? It turns out! Wiktor returned to the villa himself and immediately kissed the island inhabitant passionately.

It’s Paulina time. It’s undeniable that the girl has a tough nut to crack. She ended her relationship with Andre by writing a letter to him. However, it turned out that she did not want to be single and gave Matthews a chance. Do they have a chance to create something permanent? Polina seemed unconvinced.

However, Andrei remained faithful, returning to the island of Love alone. Polina burst into tears seeing this. Do you regret your decision now? The situation became very tense.

Matthews, who witnessed the entire event, was also in bad shape. Does he still think that he will be able to establish a lasting relationship with Paulina? He didn’t seem pleased. His eyes were also glazed.

Throughout Ark’s stay at Casa Amor, Alexandra was worried about their relationship. However, her decision was final and she decided to stay with him on the clip. Armando’s face fell. He knew very well that Eric would return to the villa with… Laura! The man did not even look at his ex-partner …

Eric tried to explain himself in a roundabout way!

Alex all the time supported her friend, with whom she also appeared on the show. Now it’s time for her partner. The island inhabitant, despite her great uncertainty, decided to take a risk and … stay with her husband.

Jurek also chose Alex, and he couldn’t wait to finally see her.

A passionate night awaits the islanders! Will the new relationships last?

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