Hanging upside down on the border barrier, laughing in the background.  "shameful behaviour"

A video posted on social media shows a man with his foot tied to barbed wire at a dam on the Polish-Belarus border and hanging upside down for some time. The event, as heard on the recording, caused amusement among Polish uniforms. The Defense Ministry says the soldiers “wanted to help those in need and waited for the necessary equipment to arrive”.

“Pat from Podlasie” – this is the caption on the photo of a man who tried – most likely – to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally. Someone took a picture of him and sent it to the editorial office of one of the local gates. And the journalists published this photo unchanged, noting that they received it “from the reader”.

The audience did not hide their amusement. Many netizens commented on the photo. And yes, you can read about “Podlasie Batman” or “African Bat,” among others.

Still from a movie posted on social mediacustard makes a mess

The officers laughed

A video clip of the same event was also posted on the network. You can see how a man hanging upside down is lit by flashlights by two Polish men in uniform. The amusing guys proclaimed “f***e” and stated that “if it wasn’t for the rubber (through the pants – editor), it would have fallen off already.”

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After a while, the man they noticed releases his right leg and turns around so that he can avoid falling on his head. He stands on his feet for a moment and then lies on his back. The outfit that says tired man “******” satisfies the way the situation is developing. The recording ends with a laugh.

The film was provided on his profile by Piotr Czaban of Podlasie Volunteer Humanitarian Service. In an interview with TVN24, he reported that the accident occurred on Wednesday near Białowiea. He adds that he and other activists are trying to identify the immigrant and find out what happened to him.

Uniform behavior is outrageous. They should help people at the border, not record them and ridicule them, he says.

On Friday, Podlaskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Humanitarne (Podlaskie Volunteer Humanitarne) informed the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office of the possibility of a crime at the Polish-Belarus border in connection with the registration.

Uniformed officers record and take pictures. The man falls, no one helps him. This fall could have been loosened earlier. It was outrageous behaviour, there were insults, there was laughter – as Peter Kazaban describes in an interview with TVN24.

Peter Kazban: It was a shameful actTVN24 / Czaban make a mess

– This is not the first video of this kind where duties are abused and neglected. human rights It was tampered with again. The mere publication of this video in the media is a symptom of pure stupidity – adds local activist Marius Cornetta.

Border Guards: Not us

At first, one gets the impression that the border guards are mocking the misfortune of the guy in the registry. However, Major Katarzina Zidanovic of the border guard unit in Podlassi denies this.

Entering a Border Patrol ProfileTwitter

– I know the event from the media. I assure that the border guards were not involved in it, so I will not comment on the matter, says Major Zdanovich. She also noted that we see soldiers in the film.

– They are soldiers from the operational forces, not associated with the regional defense forces – adds Capt. Witold Sora, a command spokesman. WOT.

Ministry of National Defense: They wanted to help the needy, they waited, among other things, on the ladder

We sent questions about comment on the film to the Department of National Defense. It appears from the response that the soldiers tried to help Al-Muhajir.

“The soldiers serving in this area wanted to help those in need and were waiting for the necessary equipment to arrive, including a ladder, wire cutters and blankets” – we read at the podium. The media office of the Ministry of National Defense confirmed that these elements are permanently present in the camp and “were periodically transferred to the scene of the accident for some time.”

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The ministry’s press office noted that the soldiers shouted at Al-Muhajir, “Wait.” The film – as we read in the booth sent to us – was created to “document the events related to the illegal border crossing”. Recordings must be made as standard. At the same time, the ministry stresses that soldiers who raise the registration may face consequences.

“Everyone is made aware of the principles of limited confidence in the public and social media regarding events related to the implementation of missions at the border” – according to the Ministry of National Defense.

“How could you laugh at a tormented man who left him no choice?”

Laura Kwoczała of the National Council of the Green Party informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the suspicion of a crime related to the film. I sent the electronic notification to the nearest Public Prosecutor’s office – in this case the local Prosecutor’s office in Warsaw – with a request that the case be forwarded to the appropriate unit.

It’s about inactivity towards someone whose tangled end of barbed wire made him hang upside down a few meters off the ground – we read in Kwoczała entries on social media.

Konrad Dolkovsky, head of the Center for Monitoring Racial and Xenophobic Behavior, was shocked by the recording and how netizens reacted to the film.

– We took care of it right away. The behavior of journalists from Podlasie and many Internet users is as disgusting as the mockery of concentration camp prisoners – says Dulkowski.

He asserts that the dehumanization of people at the Polish-Belarus border is the result of anesthesia and a lack of knowledge of the source of these people.

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– We are talking about victims of human trafficking. They are brought by the Lukashenka system, which provides transportation to the European Union for several thousand dollars. Once here, the Belarusian services forced them to storm the Polish border. Polish uniforms push them out, and so on Belarus They face violence and are forced to try again. This is a nightmare – confirms the interlocutor tvn24.pl.

He points out that people who want to get to Poland are no longer fighting for a better life in Europe, but for life.

The mockery of their nightmare is just shocking. How can you laugh at a tormented man who was left with no choice? – Dulkowski asks.

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Operation “Lock” – Lukashenka’s Revenge

Migration crisis on the border of Belarus with Poland, Lithuania Latvia was launched by Alexander Lukashenka, accused of waging a mixed war. It consists in the organized transfer of immigrants to the territories of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. During his 27 years in power, Lukashenka repeatedly threatened Europe by weakening border controls.

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The process of bringing immigrants to Belarus from the Middle East or Africa to start work migration crisis, Tadeusz Gekzan, a journalist for the Belarusian opposition channel Nexta, described in August last year on his blog. He explained that the Belarusian services are conducting the “LOCK” operation, which they invented 10 years ago. Under the guise of flights to Minsk, which promised to move to the European Union, the Lukashenka regime brought thousands of immigrants to Belarus. Then he took them to the borders of the European Union, where the Belarusian services forced them to illegally cross them. This process is still in progress.

The accident was supposed to take place on the Polish-Belarusian border in Białowiea

Main image source: custard makes a mess

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