“I lost respect for him.”  It’s hot after an injury in the first round of the US Open
Monday’s duel between Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas kept him tense from first ball to last. After its completion, the British had a lot to say to the Greeks.

Rafai Smolensky

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andy Murray

PAP / EPA / JUSTIN LANE / Pictured: Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andy Murray

Fans who bought tickets for Monday’s session at Arthur Ashe Stadium certainly had no regrets. Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas put on a stunning four hour and 40 minute display that ended with the Athenian favorite winning 2:6, 7:6 (7), 3:6, 6:3, 6:4.

Tennis players experienced real mood swings at the time. Emotions did not subside after the match as Murray criticized his opponent for his behavior on the court. It was for a break before the fifth set when the Greek went into the dressing room to refresh. He was gone eight minutes, which was enough for the Brit to start accusing him of cheating.

Even during the duel, the former leader of the ATP arrangement explained that this was childish behavior on the part of Tsitsipas. Then the three-time Grand Slam champion remembered… Under-12 tournaments When the Greek was about to serve to win the match, Murray asked the referee if he could take a medical break. However, he immediately laughed and admitted that he was only joking.

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Strong words were spoken at the press conference when the Briton was asked about the breaks his opponent was taking. – I lost all respect for him. I will say the same even if I win this match. I swear. Murray said it was bullshit and he knows it.

How did Tsitsipas respond to this objection? – If there is something he wants to say to me, we must talk about it together to understand what went wrong. I don’t think I violated any rule. The Greek said I was playing according to the guidelines.

Tsitsipas was criticized for also taking longer breaks during the ATP Masters 1000 Championships in Cincinnati. Then he was eliminated after a three-set duel with Alexander Zverev. The German indicated that his opponent took a bag with a mobile phone to the toilet and thus could contact his employees.

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