ŁKS Łódź successfully defeated Pogoń Szczecin in the last action of the match.  Hottie Angel hit the target

Pko Extraklasa. Incredible finish in Lodz. ŁKS beat Pogoń Szczecin 1:0 thanks to a goal in the last action of the match. Engjëll Hoti was introduced in the same window. In the table, the newly promoted team is level with today’s competitor.

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The match was played in the heat. Thermometers showed the second half up 31 degrees Celsius. The players, as well as the fans, who seated more than 10,000 in the stands, had to contend with these circumstances. Several hundred came from Szczecin.

The game was beautiful. Pogogo looked better before the end of the first half. Missed two chances to score Kamel Grosky. The captain hit the post late in the first half when Efthimis Koulouris put the ball up for him.

In the second half, it was the Greek who could give Pogo the lead. Rafai Kurzawa’s lead shot is over. He tried to throw the ball at the goalkeeper, but he did it very weakly.

LKS Lodz – Bugon Szczecin 1: 0 Grzygorz Glacinski

ŁKS had moments before and after the break. In the 72nd minute, referee Piotr Lasek signaled the eleventh meter. However, after analysis, the VAR decided so Leonardo Cutres He never played with his hand in the penalty area. Replays showed that he was injured in the shoulder area. So ŁKS only got a corner kick, the fans sang a vulgar chant about PZPN, and coach Kazimierz Moskal hid his face in his hands …

On that day, ŁKS played with great ambition. Especially in the end he decided to fight for the full bet, creating three chances in injury time. First, Pogo defended himself, and when the referee was already looking at his watch, he hit the very window Angel Hottie. Thanks to him, the team won a throw on the ribbon. Earlier, in a similar way, he beat Corona Kielce at home (2: 1), but then Artemigos Totiskinas scored.

ŁKS Łódź - Pogoń Szczecin 1:0
LKS Lodz – Bugon Szczecin 1: 0 Papp, Marian Zubrzyki
  • Alexander Bobek – 4
  • Camille Dankowski – 3
  • Adrian Leveau – 3
  • Marcin Fleece – 3
  • Piotr Glowacki – 3 (Artemijus Tutyskinas – not rated)
  • Nacho Monsalve – 3
  • Jacob Letniewski – 3 (Engjll Hoti – Unrated)
  • Michal Mukersky – 3
  • Pirulo – 4 (Piotr Janczukowicz – Unrated)
  • Dani Ramirez – 4 (Maciej Sliwa – Unrated)
  • Kai Teigen – 3 (Stipe Juric – Unrated)

Pogon Szczecin:

  • Bartosz Klepaniuk – 3
  • Linus Walqvist – 4
  • Daniel Loncar – 3
  • Wojciech Lisowski – 3 (Leo Borges – 3)
  • Leonardo Cutres – 3
  • Joao Gamboa – 3 (Rafai Kurzawa – 3)
  • Alexander Gorgon – 3 (Yadegar Rostami – Unrated)
  • Luka Zahovic – 3 (Adrian Przyborek – Unrated)
  • Wuhan Bekzachgan – 3
  • Camille Groski – 3
  • Efthimis Kolores – 3 (Marius Vornalczyk – Unrated)
ŁKS Łódź - Pogoń Szczecin 1:0
LKS Lodz – Bugon Szczecin 1: 0 Canal + Sport

man of the match Angel Hottie
Match attraction: 6/10

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