Lise Dion tire sa révérence

That’s when he appeared on the show The week ends well The comedian has announced his current tour titled Su did there, Will be the last in his life. Yes, we can say that this news is disturbing to us Liz Dion One of Quebec’s best comediansBut after breaking many ticket sales records, it would be fair to say that the leading lady of comedy is eligible to retire if chosen.

Liz Diane announces that her tour will end in December 2023 so there will be no less than 125 shows left. In addition, when he appeared on It Ends Well the Week, the comedian was awarded a dual platinum certificate, highlighting the sale of over 200,000 tickets. This is the fourth time in a row that Lise Dion’s show has reached this milestone, which is absolutely admirable.

Credit: Liz Dion

In October 2018, a week before the grand premiere of her show, Liz Diane said confidently in her pages. Montreal Journal About the future of his comedy career after completing his Sue tour. ” I’m going to enjoy what we wrote for a few years. I will be 67 years old when the tour ends. Not sure what to do next. But I will never be on stage in my 80s. Put on another tour and write another show? I do not think so She had said.

This is the fourth show by Su Render La Lis Diane and he has been presenting it for many years. Of course, during epidemics, like all artists, she had to rest. However, the comedian is nice and true to make his audience laugh, and he was recently in Salle Albert-Rousseau for the 175th time in his life! “ He is proud to be the first comedian to perform such a feat “, Can read in the official press release?

In short, Liz Dian is essential in the comedy community in Quebec, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

In the meantime, you can get tickets to see her on the show one last time, Here it is.

Behind the scenes

Psst: Recently recalled Yvonne Deschamps, Another comedy pioneer, announced he was retiring. The news was well received by the fans of the comedian.

Yvon Deschamps is an 86-year-old handsome man who has been making his audience laugh for decades, while promoting the next generation of comedy we know today.

It’s time to say goodbye to you. When the good ones rest, they rest on their land, water their flowers, and write down their memories. I, I’m going to retire to Judy’s land and watch her pour water on the flowers, but I’m not going to write a memoir because I have nothing. “, He announced on his Facebook page, which is now dedicated to the foundation of Yvon Deschamps.

The funny thing about this is that many people like Mr. They misunderstood Deschamps’ message and even believed that something was wrong with him.

Fortunately, his daughter June Lowering the situation, he said everything is fine.

This is Annie: Dad told me to close this official account permanently. Sorry mob. He is fine, but we must respect his demands. He doesn’t often turn him into that wonderful dad “, She began.

Then she added: From Annie again: Dad wonders why you behave the same way, but I read his condition a dramatic brain, and he understood a little more. He will always marvel at our love, but he should not be like that “.

Credit: Sacha Bork for 4 Julius Week

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