Espace St-Denis |  A Cultural Center for the Renewal of the Latin Quarter

People from culture, tourism and politics came together at a press conference on Monday at noon to restore the Montreal Latin Quarter to its former glory.

Luck Bowlanger

Luck Bowlanger

For the announcement of the major renovation of the Saint-Denis Theater, several dignitaries and elected officials came from the neighborhood. Its mission is to enhance the cultural and tourist benefits of the Latin Quarter, with the prestigious room at the center of the sprawling entertainment and restaurant complex Espace St-Denis.

The rescue plan also includes the opening ceremony of a new room, Studio-Cabaret, which can accommodate up to 700 people. Under construction on the Theater Saint-Denis 2 site, the studio has the visual signature of corporate designer Yves Aucoin. Created by circus company Les 7 Doigts, the hall will open next June My island, my heart, Directed by Shana Carroll. Tickets are already on sale.

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“As it was in the first half of the 20th century, the Latin Quarter must again become the most popular public place in Montreal.e Centennial ”, Jean-Claude Sapot, Vice President, French Film Owners’ Company, opened the press conference on Monday afternoon at the St-Denis Theater.

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New Saint-Denis Theater

She nicknamed the hall “The Great Woman of the Entertainment District”, which opened in 1916, and can finally enter the new millennium, thanks to a real “makeover” while at the same time being able to return its former cassette. Equipping the cutting edge of technology (with optical fiber among others).

Designed by Eric Gaudier from FABG, the building offers a unique experience for the public both inside and out. Pie bye to the ugly powder pink granite wall that covers the original facade of Saint-Denis! Glass hello showing the entire foyer of the theater from the street. “We want to marry the past, the present and the future,” he said. Gauthier said briefly.

Cultural tourism

Yves Lalumiere, CEO of Tourisme Montreal, did not hide his desire to bring visitors to Downtown from outside Quebec because they left the neighborhood at the height of the epidemic. And cultural tourism east of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. But important work needs to be done to become a prime destination for cultural tourism. “In Montreal’s Quartier des Glass, only 11% of tickets are purchased by foreigners, while on Broadway, 85% of tourists are visitors, in Paris, 60%, and in Toronto, 35%”, according to one study. Revealed by Lyne Dufresne, director of implementation of the Espace St-Denis project.

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Yves Lalumiere, CEO of Tourisme Montreal, did not hide his desire to bring visitors to Downtown from outside Quebec because they left the neighborhood at the height of the epidemic.

Two key players in the audiovisual production are Grante Camera and Piccolo Mobile, who are also project partners with France Film and Tourism Montreal; They provide the services that future Espace St-Denis customers need. For example, the Studio-Cabaret variable is built-in, which can be converted into a TV studio. It will allow the audience to live the immersive experience with a device with 180 degree LED screens and 4K projection equipment.

On the gastronomic side, Jean Pilot, former owner of the Capitol de Quebec restaurant Il Detro, will open a La Pressery franchise. A piano bar terrace will be set on the roof of the Mary-Louis, Studio-Cabaret Hall. Both of these businesses are expected to launch in the spring of 2022.

Finally, the final phase of Espace St-Denis offers to transform the Latin quarterly cinema complex in rue Émery, which will be renamed the Cité Création Montreal.

Watch the video of the main stages of the project

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