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Ksenia Sobjak, 40, is a well-known TV presenter and opposition politician, most likely intending to flee to Israel. To this end, she sold her apartment in Moscow for more than 10 million dollars (42 million PLN). According to press reports, she wants to escape the repression that threatens her because of her close relations with Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s granddaughter fled Russia

Sobchak is from the Russian opposition, and in 2018 she participated in the presidential elections and ran against Putin. Before that, she was very close to the president, and her father, Anatoly, was Putin’s mentor.

The presenter of the program was to obtain Israeli citizenship for herself and her son, according to the Daily Mirror. I went to Israel in March, and I trusted her on social media. However, she later stated that she was only on vacation and did not have a new citizenship.

I am Russian, I am a Russian citizen. I do not immigrate anywhere, I have no other nationalities – I wrote.

Sobczak recently confirmed that she is still in Russia. But she did not comment on the reports of the sale of the apartment, and did not openly deny her plans to go to Israel.

Law professor Anatoly Sobchak (son of a Polish and a Czech woman) was the first mayor of Saint Petersburg. He died suddenly of a heart attack in February 2000, while Vladimir Putin was the Prime Minister of Russia, but was already preparing for the presidency. Putin appeared at the funeral of his friend and mentor, and many people say that was the only day they saw the president crying.

It was Sobchak who introduced Putin to great politics and made him climb the career ladder with extraordinary speed. Their families were very close friends. They traveled together, among others, for holidays in Finland. Putin himself repeated many times that Sobchak was his mentor and role model. There have been rumors for years that the President of Russia is Ksenia’s godfather.

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