Linda Evangelista: Did the "distorted" model rely too much on her appearance?

More ink has been shed over the past few days about the story of model Linda Evangelista.

Also read: Linda Evangelista, who was “distorted” by cosmetic treatment, is demanding $ 50 million in compensation

Also read: Linda Evangelista “irreparably distorted”

The Canadian supermodel has demanded $ 50 million from a company responsible for cosmetic surgery, which has “distorted” her, preventing her from doing her job.

The latter said he experienced significant emotional distress after surgery five years ago.

In an interview with LCN, body image psychologist Charlotte Camache explained that psychological distress caused by physical appearance is unfortunately not uncommon.

In most situations, people are upset by their weight or body shape. Some also need to learn how to rebuild their faith following an accident or fire that changed their physical appearance.

However, Charlotte Camache notes that the first step is to recognize the importance of the person’s loss and suffering.

“There is a sadness to do. I know my identity, my body, it’s not like before,” the psychologist explains.

Following that, Charlotte Camache believes it is important to help reduce the emphasis they place on the appearance of the person experiencing grief.

“In the case of Linda Evangelista, I think it particularly disturbed her on a psychological level because she values ​​her identity and her personal value, often, from her physical appearance,” observes the Quebec psychologist.

The latter considers that she should strengthen her self-esteem by relying on other areas of her personality. Such a technique can help you better cope with a test that will transform your body.

To watch the full interview, watch the video above.

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