The 19-year-old actress from the TV series Anya Not Anna is battling breast cancer.  I showed a picture with a shaven head

Miranda McKeown gained popularity thanks to her role in Series “Ania, not Anna” as Josie Pye. The actress revealed on Instagram four months ago that she had breast cancer. Miranda did not hide that her condition is one in a million, because, according to statistics, this fatal disease rarely occurs in people of such a young age. The 19-year-old already has lymph node metastases. She revealed that this is the third stage, but she will not give up. She just posted a new photo of her recently shaving her hair.

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Drama written by Miranda McKeown. The actress is battling with breast cancer

Miranda McKeown does not succumb to her illness and fights bravely. The actress has been taking chemicals for some time, which makes her body weak. McKeown posted touching photos on Instagram of a bald man. She admitted that it was confirmed that she could lose PoetrySo she decided to face her fear.

A few days before my last chemo, I decided it was time to give it up and shaved my head. Since I was diagnosed, my hair has made me especially stressed, perhaps more so than my health. Because it is not just hair and it will not grow back – writes the actress.

Miranda realized how important it was to her Poetry in the perception of one’s femininity. She had been imagining what she would look like without them for a long time, and after shaving her hair, she wasn’t too shocked. In the end, she confirmed that she feels beautiful and feminine, and her hair does not define her.

I was slowly losing my hair and spending a lot of time looking in the mirror and imagining myself bald. As a result, this last step was not that shocking. The way I look is the least interesting (…). The people closest to me don’t like me because of my appearance, but because of the kind of person I am. I really love this girl. I think it’s beautiful – we read.

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The 19-year-old actress tries to turn her difficult situation into a good thing and encourages young women to check up on her regularly. We wish Miranda a lot of health.

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