“Let’s Take Out the Junk Radios”: New Attack by RNC Media and Radio X Against Facebook Group

Station Radio X and its owner RNC Media continue their actions in the courts to identify the anonymous criminals behind the “Sortons les radios-poubelles” group.

Last week, RNC Media filed suit in Superior Court for a “Norwich”-type injunction against Videotron, Rogers and Telus.

This is the second step in this direction. On October 22, 2022, Judge Alain Michaud actually issued the first Norwich-type injunction against Meta to discover the identity of the Facebook page’s operators. Let’s go out The trash can radios, including their IP addresses.

Shortly thereafter, Radio X obtained IP addresses and phone numbers of “users of the Facebook page. The next step is to get their names.

The Norwich Directive means that the court requires a third party to disclose certain information to the plaintiff, information necessary to identify a previously unknown potential defendant.

In this way, the radio station continues to exert pressure and progress in its efforts to get to know “John Doe,” who may become a potential adversary in a future appeal.

Willingness to harm

According to this new request, Radio X does not complain about the exercise of freedom of expression, but confirms that it is challenged by the desire to harm its commercial interests and the harassment of its business partners.

“Anonymous users’ behavior persisted for almost 10 years”, we read.

According to RNC Media, the targeted individuals allegedly committed several reprehensible actions in recent years by broadcasting malicious and baseless comments about Radio-X.

The evidence presented to the court was enough to get a “Norwich” order, according to the station.

Unable to identify

Radio X believes that Videotron, Rogers and Telus are the only possible sources that may have the information sought.

To date, the station has been unable to identify more precisely Anonymous users.

The request specifically aims to know the identity and civil address of the user(s) associated with the IP address obtained some months ago.

RNC Media also maintains that unlawful infringement of its rights violates a reasonable expectation of respect for privacy.

A long war

For its part, the “Sortons les radios-poubelles” coalition, created in 2012, wants to condemn the threats and misrepresentations broadcast on Radio X’s airwaves.

The coalition was forced to shut down its Facebook page because the RNC Media threatened to initiate proceedings to force its executives to reveal their names. The band is still active elsewhere on social media.

“We oppose this attempt to silence any form of criticism that directly undermines freedom of expression,” former director-general Alain Saulnier wrote in an open letter published in January 2022. de l’information de Radio-Canada on behalf of several signatories, including Dominique Payet, Catherine Dorian, Alexandre Bowleris, Safia Nolin, Léa Clermont Dion and Boufeltja Benabdallah.

The current plea will be presented to the court next March.

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