Faced with threats, comedian Julien Lacroix canceled his return

After receiving “serious threats” against members of his family, comedian and actor Julien Lacroix was forced to cancel an event marking his two years of sobriety, he announced Sunday morning on his social networks.

Faced with threats, comedian Julien Lacroix canceled his return

Screenshot | Julien Lacroix’s Facebook

“I don’t feel it’s been a high-tension evening where ticket holders are at risk of action,” he said.

The comedian announced his return to public life this week to mark two years of sobriety. He was to record a question-and-answer podcast in front of an audience of 25 people in which he would confide in his rehab journey. He told himself “nervous, but excited at the idea [jaser avec ses fans]“, who has not spoken in public for over two years.

With a mixed reception, some netizens were ready to give the comedian a second chance, while others did not have the same opinion. Due to this, Julien Lacroix admitted that he received numerous threats not only to himself but also to those close to him.

“I thought I had finally found a healthy way to approach all of this. Apparently not,” she wrote.

In his release, he admits that the turmoil of his return to the public eye is taking its toll on those close to him. So for all his reasons he decided to cancel his event.

“I have to think about the welfare of those who have always supported me, especially my wife, who is the rock of my little family,” he said.

A full refund will be given to those who have already purchased tickets.

Julien Lacroix was charged with sexual assault and sexual misconduct following an investigation in July 2020. want, in which nine women denounced him. The comedian retired from public life after being dumped by his company.

In December 2021, he gave a video interview to journalist Amelie Pineda in which he explained his rehabilitation process in detail.

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