The head of Trakcja was arrested.  “On behalf of the National Prosecutor’s Office”

According to the information available to the company. Procedural activities are ongoing. Share the price After publishing the advertisement, it collapsed, but after a while it began to recover its losses.


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popularity It is a company operating in this sector Building infrastructure and energy In the local market. It deals, among other things: the design of road and railway infrastructure elements and cubical structures, the construction and modernization of tracks, as well as the construction and modernization of traction networks and their energy supply systems.

As the company states on its website, its main clients are: Polish Railways PKP (90 percent of applications). “The remaining orders cover the energy sector and urban rail transport infrastructure throughout Poland,” the company informed.

PKPBLK With a share of 82.75 percent. Trakcja shares (the company has been part of the PKP PLK capital group since October 2022). Package 7.65% belongs to Industrial Development Agency.

Arcadius A. began. Serving as President of Trakcja most recently, on April 30 of this year. (The Supervisory Board took the decision to appoint him to this position on April 18.) He had been associated with the company before; From October 2019 to June 2022 he was Vice President of Operations. In this position, he was responsible for the preparation, implementation and supervision of infrastructure contracts. Subsequently, as of August 2022, he served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Polimex Infrastruktura.

Arcadius A. He has many years of experience in management positions in the construction sector. He was, among others, construction contracts manager at Pol-Aqua, construction engineer and claims specialist at Strabag, and construction contracts manager at Budimex Dromex. He also worked at PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe as Deputy Director of the Investment Implementation Center.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Kielce University of Technology (specialty – Road and Bridge Construction).

We have asked the National Prosecutor’s Office to provide information on the reasons for the arrest of the Trakja president – and whether they were linked to his activities in the company, which he had run for only three weeks, or to his activities in the companies where he worked. It worked previously.

Prosecutor Karol Borchulski from the Press Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office In the letter sent to our editorial office, he indicated that Arkadius A. had been arrested By order of the Prosecutor of the Podlasie Branch of the Department for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Białystok. “Officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau arrested him 16 people are in the investigation in relation to, among other things, the provision of financial benefits to people performing public functions. Among the detainees: Arcadius A.“- we read in an email from a PK representative.

“He was arrested after being presented to the Public Prosecution They will hear the charges. “After it is announced, the Public Prosecutor will decide to implement preventive measures,” said Public Prosecutor Karol Porchulski.

He also stressed, “Given the quality of the preparatory procedures and procedural activities that have been implemented,” At this point, PK does not provide detailed information Regarding the scope of the allegations and ongoing procedural activities.

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